Friday, July 01, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Air Christy vs. Air Canada?


UPDATE, Monday July 4th: I've heard from a reader who was in the Kelowna Airport on Friday...According to this reader, who has been right about a whole lot of stuff in the past,  Ms. Clark was coming off an Air Canada flight from Vancouver...Thus, the best on-the-ground evidence available indicates that Air Christy was not flying that day...Looks like somebody else was flying private that day at that time...We got it wrong and we apologize (this time).

Our fine premier went to Kelowna for Canada Day.

And, apparently, as noted by Bob Mackin, the very fine $38 million dollar a year PAB-Bot Army told us all about a Clarklandian photo-op in Prospera Place before it even happened. 

Also according to Mr. Mackin, it would appear that Ms. Clark may have hired a private jet for the trip:


If Air Christy was flying today, does that mean that the videographer and/or some other member of the entourage has got something against Air Canada?


Is it possible that the boss herself has some kind of aversion to Jazz?



North Van's Grumps said...

'WebTrak' plots all planes in and out of YVR .... including the Premier's flight today. Hit the Historical tab; set time for Noon today and Yes indeed there is a BE10 airplane leaving Richmond and headed for Kelowna at precisely 12:06pm, just east of Annacis Island there's a light plane..

Now shouldn't that sort of information be triple deleted.... the flight path shouldn't be there, a Premier is on board and having said that ALL fresh data is Ten Minutes old, to protect the traveling public from terrorist launching a rocket.

North Van's Grumps said...

PS RossK..... it's not AirChristy ..... it's ConAirChristy

Lew said...

I believe the proper designation when our premier is on board is Air Head One.

davemj said...

She is way higher than the plane! she is in outer orbit does not care or have a clue to the moon Alice! her head has left her shoulders!Dumb de Dumb Dumb you cant fix stooped,and dishonesty =DOWNFALL,

e.a.f. said...

so happy to hear photo oop queen was winging her way to another photo op with her entourage. Perhaps they're filming for her to have her own reality show.

While Christy was having a great time flying at our expense, a lot of us couldn't get into Provincial camp grounds this weekend. Turns out tour operators and generous sponsors of air head photo op queen have been pre booking hundreds of provincial camp sites for their over seas customers. So when those who pay for the province camp grounds and parks want a vacation, they are out of luck. Tour operators then "lease" these spaces out to tourists who rent their R.V.s and not for the fees they pay for the camp spaces ($15-$25) but $60 to $70.

So here we are the taxpayers of B.C. Can't get our kids into a school or having their school closed. Can't find a family doctor. Can't afford to buy a house, some foreign buyer just paid $2 Million for it. Can't afford to rent a place, its $2,400 a month or being bulldozed to make way for a foreign owner. Now we can't go on a camping vacation in our own province.

Happy Canada Day.

Anonymous said...

e.a.f...right on the money!... no pun intended.
We are being "conned" out of our own province! John Horgan and the NDP, I hope your listening.
For all those "average folks" in BC, stand up now, take back your province from the kleptocrats.
Theft has been honed to a fine art in this province. This whole mess has to be turned around and quickly.
I'm tired of being taxed into the ground, while the so called "elite" get to ride high on the hog, lead by premier
photo op and the sparkle pony gang.
These profession b*#$ s&%% and thieves are destroying our province, and "profiting from it".

Scotty on Denman said...

If only reality was like the map above---wouldn't need ferries to get to the Mainland, but I'd need a passport to get to Victoria.

Do you suppose Christy is using such inaccurate maps? I mean, maybe she thinks Kelowna's not that far away.

RossK said...


In my heart of hearts (and in reality given that, apparently, she was in the North for, literally, just a few hours when our fine premier flew north for the flood photo-op in the wine cellar) I believe you are on to something re: that thinking thing.

Especially given that the real time sink these days is not so much the flying when you go's the airports (even for those with access to the nexus and the maple leaf doors)...None of this is an issue when you fly private.


Willy said...

Really Mr. K- You expect her Royal Highness to travel with the commoners? It's not like there isn't anything else that needs attention or money like hungry children, education,pathetic disability rates,ridiculous housing costs, downloading costs to the taxpayer for new bridges, etc. No Sir, our Queen should not come in contact with us little folk unless we agree to pay tens of thousands of dollars for dinner and to bask in the presence of Her Majesty. And what would an entrance be without an entourage? I wonder if Mikey made cookies to nibble on during the trip?

Lulymay said...

eaf... we all have to remember that running of BC Parks is done by private operators hanging on to something like 30 year lease agreements, and all subsidized by the taxpayer (because according to these privateers, they don't earn enough money from campsite fees to cover their costs). You also have to understand that the tour guide operators who are charging hefty fees for said campsites are also probably providing feedback$$$ to secure all those sites -- and they don't get registered on the "official" revenue sheets.

Such is life in the nouveau riche land of Campbell, Clark and Co.

RossK said...



I reckon they likely the Mikey's cookies behind when the entourage goes a photo-opping on the front end of a lost long weekend.

More likely it's champagne wish fulfillment and caviar dreams all the way...

eaf and Lulymay--

Interesting how Mikey Mike of the Province missed all that messy/murky root causes stuff regarding how BC Parks have been simultaneously (and systemically) co-opted and strip mined of all public goodwill when he made a short-lived fuss about all the downstream 'scalping' going down.


Anonymous said...

Pay for parking ,in BC,parks, for all the low hanging fruit?whilst insiders scoop up campsite reservations?happy Canada Day
Great view off new Massey, 3,500,000,000 dollar corprate welfare?, bridge of Panamax chips laden with us/ bc coal going to China?eh?

RossK said...



And if Gertrude Stein flew in today, would she say about Lotusland what she once said about Oakland when it comes to...



Unknown said...

Whats wrong with her broom?

RossK said...

Hey Everyone--

Please see update at top of post...A reader has told me that Air Christy was not flying that day (at least on the Vancouver to Kelowna run).