Monday, July 04, 2016

This Day In Clarkland: What's The Problem...


...I mean, it's not like the new BC Transit chair is a director of SNC Lavalin or anything:




JasonS said...

At every chance to show proper governance the Neo-Liberal party of BC brings plate after plate of nepotism and cronyism. Wives ,husbands or children lined up at the public trough, and nary a peep from the stewards of the 5th estate. Maybe our media should be called the "missed" estate?

RossK said...



It was interesting (and perhaps telling) that Mr. Shaw of the VSun brought up the relationships in a 'tweet'.

It will be even more interesting to see what ends up in his copy and, perhaps most interestingly, to see what the Dean has to say (or not say) about it.


e.a.f. said...

now who would have thought that could/would be a conflict of interest. I'm sure if one of us mentioned it we'll be hearing from Keith and a trillion little worker bees from Christy's corps of e-mail twitters.

In my opinion, we truly are in competition for most corrupt/unethical province/state in North America. As I understand it in Canada its B.C. and Quebec. In the U.S.A. its Mississippi and Alabama, although in Alabama they're starting to investigate, arrest, and send to trial. Oh, well

davemj said...

BRAZEN BULLSHIT,This is great optics! there SUPERCILIOUSNESS PSYCHOSIS riddled club,i cant grasp that these poor excrete oops i meant excuses for humans were PLENARY,

Anonymous said...

NDP 2017 election slogan


Fill in the blank
Your child's education
Residential care
Bc assets
Bridges tunnels etc

Anonymous said...

In the 20th century it was called corruption
In the 21st century it is called capture-
Regulatory,political,municipal,regional,provincial federal

Anonymous said...

Forget 6 degrees of separation
Try one degree?