Thursday, July 28, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...They Only Smear Those That They Fear Most.


Given that David Eby's advocacy, backed by the proMedia digging of Sam Cooper, Kathy Tomlinson and Ian Young, helped alert the public and force the Clarklandians into their cynical limited hang out on the Lotuslandian Real Estate Bubble,  the following clearly demonstrates the latter group's utter depravity:

This really and truly is disgusting.

And, to be more precise in codswalloparian political terms, it is clearly one more variation on what is now a classic Rethuglican Swiftboat strate(r)gy in which the operating procedure is to lie, twist and cheat again and again and again until you convince the rubeiest of the low information voting Rubes (and proMedia types too) that someone's greatest strength is actually their greatest weakness.


Why are the BC Liberals doing this, really?

Because they are scared crapless of Mr. Eby.

That's why.

And, for the record, this is not the first time on this topic alone...



North Van's Grumps said...

Why ???? because ..... they didn't want to cut off their revenue stream... river ... to balance their budget using property transfer tax alone, now they are going to doubly tax prospective owner/sellers.

chuckstraight said...

I live in the Interior, but donated to David Eby. It was like winning the lottery when he defeated Ms Clark.
The BC Liberals are scared of Mr Eby-scared shiteless.

davemj said...

The lying Liarbels are going to be surprised by the back lash of this slanderous remark they will never learn how to play on a level field they are to corrupt and there bible is any thing to win,say or do.There are a lot more decent people that realizing seeing just how rotten to the core they are its like sewer pipe exploding they stink so bad they cant see it.How did they find so many low life to be M.L.A,s,and the ones that do not say any thing by speaking up are cowards and i hope the people that voted for them will flush them down the pipe with Crappy,s Caucus .I am sure any reporter from the mainstream media that do not see this as it is, will really feel they belong in the pipe with the rest of the sludge. As it is people do not believe them any way.David Eby is at the top of his game,more Class than Clark and company will ever have .

Lew said...

Laura Miller, facing criminal charges in Ontario, was re-installed as Executive Director of the BC Liberal Party last March. Christy Clark welcomed her back with open arms, saying, "It's the fair and right approach. One that respects our court process, including the fundamental principle that every person is innocent unless proven otherwise."

Now Mr. Eby is publicly smeared for waiting for the facts on a possible non-criminal transgression.

It appears the vermin-infested BC Liberal Caucus has a very flexible interpretation of fundamental principles, and only one caucus can be trusted to maintain a rigid and principled approach. Hint: Not Christy Clark’s BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

omg, did The Keefer just nail the BC Liberals???

"Two months ago Vcr real estate industry insisted foreign $ not an issue. Now there's a tax AND suddenly foreign $ is a HUGE PROBLEM." #bcpoli

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Above--

I'm sure the Keef will find a reason to backtrack at the first opportunity.


Thanks Everyone-Else-Above--

In my opinion, it is important to realize that this is not a 'mistake'. Instead, it is also my opinion that the fine folks involved have decided that the risk of a few people like us paying attention who kick up a fuss is far outweighed by the potential for them to gain an advantage by slowing the ascent of Mr. Eby in the public's consciousness.

Why would they do that?

My guess is that they have internal polling numbers and/or focus group data which is telling them that they are in trouble on that front. There is also the fact that they know, from past experience, that Mr. Eby knows how to mount an effective ground game when it comes to actual elections.

It is also important to note that this has come directly from the Twitter account of the BC Liberal Government Caucus.

In other words, this is NOT just the work of the political arm of the party. Instead, this is being perpetrated by people, some or all of whom may have affiliations and/or allegiances with the party, that we, the people of British Columbia are paying to do government business not libel elected officials.


Anonymous said...


Apparently, Mikey has started wearing power glasses…will Tricksy say her work is done, and move on to a "new challenge", leaving her fiscal genius in charge?

North Van's Grumps said...

Cute. Christy Clark promised a Billion Dollar Prosperity Tax FUND from LNG over 30 years, including 100,000 jobs FIZZLED

Is it discriminatory to tell prospective purchasers who are Foreigners that they will have to pay a 15% tax, $300,000, on a final offer of $2 million home which was listed at $1.8 million? If the foreigners feel that they can afford the extra $300,000 ... why is that money going wholly to the BC Government coffers to fund affordability housing when the extra $300,000 could be going directly into my pocket?

Its not like the BC Government's name is registered on the Land Title Office regarding my property. The BC Government has not been paying the mortgage for the past thirty years, they haven't even been paying the over inflated property taxes caused by the Foreigners insane willingness to pay any price.