Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Traffic Circles I Have Known...

...30th and Walden, Just East Of Main.

It's an interesting stretch of street.

And in the morning it's a slight incline and just the start to my ride out to work on Lotusland Central's farthest most western edge.

So if I'm late I start pushing right about here. If not I take it easy pretty much all the way to Cambie. The latter was the case this morning, even though I was not early (because it's summer!*).

In the evening it's the last 10% and it's coasting before the last blast up to Fraser parallel to the edge of the cemetery, a two block stretch that now includes six, count 'em six!, speed bumps. Clearly, the folks paying $1.8 million to live in the neighbourhood are not going to put up with speeding bicycles.


Maybe it's all the cars that seem to be using bike routes as their own (relatively) traffic-free short cut these days.

*And, probably, because we were one of the very, very lucky 13% to get a grant last week.



Lenin's Ghost said...

Congratulations on the grant, Ross. The cash is tough to get.

RossK said...


Very tough LG. A lot of good people and projects were left out this round, which is not trivial because the Feds skipped a funding round the last time out.

I can never remember a time, even back during the small Paul austerity years, when the success rate has been so low.


North Van's Grumps said...

Hmmm: "... the folks paying $1.8 million to live in the neighbourhood..." reminds me that the City of Vancouver passed a By-Law back in the 1960's, probably still in effect: "If you live within three blocks of Mountain View Cemetery you can't be buried there."

One fellow worker, who did live within three blocks, went ballistic.

The answer to all the good citizen's outrage? You have to be dead.

RossK said...