Tuesday, July 12, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Hostile Takeover Of Royal Dutch Sea Shells.


This just in, via Reuters*:

Royal Dutch Shell Plc and its LNG Canada partners have once again pushed back the timing of a decision on building a British Columbia liquefied natural gas export (LNG) terminal, the latest setback for the Canadian province's energy ambitions.

LNG Canada, whose participants also include PetroChina Co Ltd, Mitsubishi Corporation and Kogas, cited global industry challenges, including capital constraints, for requiring more time prior to making a final investment decision.

The proposed project, which would be located on British Columbia's rugged northern coastline, was one of the front runners in a now slowing race to build Canada's first LNG export terminal.

The venture had originally planned to make its final investment decision in the first half of 2016. In February it pushed the deadline to the end of the year.

In its statement on Monday, the group said they could not confirm when the decision would be made. (bit.ly/29EfvKl)...

Well, it would appear, based on all that blather from Marky Mark's Klout Klub, etcetera, that this can only mean one thing...

Shell has clearly become a wholly-owned subsidiary of John Horgan and the BCNDP!

*And predicted by GrantG, like, ages ago.
As for all that dorm room and 'seeing things' stuff...Well...You know.
Of course, never ending corporocraptic delays in saying 'No' means that superfine local proMedia folks like Ron Obvious and The Keef will be able to pretend that the LNG game is still actually on next spring...
Meanwhile, in PAB-Bot Ville...via BMackin and The Tyee.



Grant G said...

Thanks for the mention...

Have you read my latest LNG special(written July 11th/2016)

China and coal-fired power plants, redundant power generation...China, whether by design or by luck, they(China) has an insurance policy against high-priced LNG..


Most troubling Mr. K....

BC's media..Global...Vancouver Sun and Province, not a word from our legislative scribes..Vancouver Sun did report the news, courtesy the Associated Press...A very short article, devoid of almost any information and...no comments allowed..

No BC political party has ever made such outlandish economic assertions as these BC Liberals..

And, I have mentioned it over and over again...This LNG thingy, it would not be a big British Columbia story if the BC liberals didn't promise a golden paved moon for B.C....But they did..

2013 BC Liberal Party Election promises..

"A 100,000 plus LNG jobs..a $100 billion dollar prosperity funs..BC's debt eliminated..BC's sales tax eliminated..money for Crown corporation debt..money for healthcare and education, monies for First Nations and northern communities.."

How many elections did our legislative gang revisit Fast Ferries...? 4 and counting..

As for BC Liberal $trillion dollar LNG 2013 election fantasy...our legislative scribes say...

What is LNG, what about those Fast Ferries!

Eyes Wide OPen

Anonymous said...

get BC media right on it .Apparantly its being disseminated by post it notes and its rainy and windy out.Oh shi...

Grant G said...

Here`'s a perfect example of rubbish, courtest Postmedia..an article with no author (written by The Canadian Press)


Read the last 2 paragraphs???...The media is already downplaying Clark's LNG fantasy, saying BC doesn't need LNG and the NDP ...the NDP, I suppose, if desperate enough could possibly use the LNG in next year's election...by the way, the article takes 30 seconds to read..

This is why people reject Postmedia, they don't even pretend to be neutral anymore..


e.a.f said...

perhaps it the information was on post it notes and they got lost.

If Royal Dutch Shell isn't into LNG at this time, I doubt they'll be into it at any other time either. That company (or its predessors) have been making money since the 1500s.

Too bad Christy..........guess that is why the local MSM was all on about Polak and how they were going to "fix" the problems at the provincial park camping sites. That certainly is getting a lot of traction and good old Mary certainly has been more "accommodating" on the file lately,. Guess if you can't give the electorate LNG jobs and money, the least you can do is let them go camping.

Too bad Christy doesn't forget about Site C and turn it all into a nice provincial park with some camping spots. At least that would make money.

sd said...

Grant, looks like we have a new wizard on the economy at U VIc, namely Michael Prince who's says no biggie when it comes to no LNG. We're doing just swell I tell ya,according to him. Yes they are down playing the lies now. We're Number 1!

Grant G said...
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Bill said...

Hi Ross

If I was to write a news headline combo based on recent revelations on BC Parks and BC LNG how about... 'Today in BC a first 'both British Columbia Citizens and BC Christy Liberals on same page... not happy campers'.

BC LNG is toast. It will be a long spin cycle.

RossK said...

Sorry Grant - had to remove your comment above.



Re: The parks situation...You might find the good Mr. Fletcher's piece on this to be 'interesting'(note the bait taken).


Grant G said...

I do play hardball...And I don't spare those university types....

And it wouldn't matter if I considered them FELLOW CLUB MEMBERS..

Wrong is wrong

RossK said...

No issues with you calling out folks on their words, deeds and actions regardless the club they're in.

The issue was the pejoratives.


Crankypants said...

Unless I missed something, this announcement by LNG Canada seemed to be of less importance than the foot-in-mouth utterances of the MLA from Boundary-Similkameen. I saw no coverage on either Global or CTV's newscasts tonight. Is it possible that the respective Legislative reporters associated with these two television stations didn't receive their talking points from the spindoctors we taxpayers gladly fund?

It is also interesting that the MSM's take on the Petronas led group's lack of commitment seems to be blamed on environmentalists' opposition rather than the current glut of product on the market combined with very low prices for LNG.

RossK said...


Regarding point #1...Most interesting observation. There sure does seem to be things that covered with very large blankets and things that don't get coverage from the tiniest tissue.

Regarding point #2...Well, when you've got LedgePressGangPrez Mr. Fletcher of the BlackPress regurgitating Ms. Polak's anti-envirobabble when it comes to campsite construction (see last sentence of the bit), it's pretty clear that that gambit can be used for just about anything.