Thursday, July 14, 2016

This Day In Clarkland, Campsite Edition (ctd.)...Tom Terrific To The Rescue!


Mr. Tom Fletcher of the Black Press thinks the Clarklandians in general, and the Minister responsible for parks, Ms. Mary Polak, have been given an undeserved rough ride recently re: problems in public provincial parks:

Wealthy foreigners snapping up the best properties at premium prices, and then in some cases using them only in prime times.

Occupancy permits trading on classified websites, even rumours of resellers working the passing traffic like rock concert scalpers. The B.C. Liberal government maintains the problem is primarily a lack of supply, and vows to build more.

It’s B.C.’s other real estate crisis, campsite spaces. And mostly it is a summer-time media invention.

An urban radio station poll last week asked if there is something wrong with BC Parks’ online campsite reservation service, and more than 80 per cent of participants agreed there was.

They’re likely misinformed about what is wrong, especially if they’re going by the exaggerated or flat-out false information they’ve heard as this issue was inflated into a national story...

Mr. Fletcher then goes on to note the 'fact' that one tour company does not flip reservations.

And then Mr. Fletcher concludes that all the kerfuffle heaped upon Clarklandia has been nothing more than misguided codswallop dredged up from the 24 "hour social media gossip swamp".

Except Mr. Fletcher, while dodging the actual problem that got people really upset on social media, neglected to mention all that post-reservation 'scalping' that has been going down as reported in both the (swamp-free?) broadcast and public print media.

And what's more...

At the very end, when Mr. Fletcher finally gets to the real problem, a problem that has arisen directly from 15 years of BC Liberal government inaction, he writes the following:

...Environment Minister Mary Polak says creating more campsites in B.C. parks is the ultimate answer. Of course that will attract protests about paving paradise to put up a parking lot...


Wonder where Mr. Fletcher got that 'pave-paradise-parking lot-protest' idea?


Given that the (evidence and/or past performance-free) spectre of environmentalists/tree huggers protesting the construction of new campsites was first raised by Ms. Polak 'herself' in an 'Op/Ed' government prop piece, one has to wonder if any PAB-Bots have beenwhispering swamp-myth busting 'facts' in any local proMedia Club members ears in an attempt to get them to write them a pushback piece?



Grant G said...

Mr. K...No, I didn't come here to post a bad word..

I don't think Mr Hgun would mind...He posted a comment on my last post...Here it is, cut n pasted....


Jon Ghun said...

Keith Baldrey added,
jessica mcdonald @bchydroceo
This just in... BC Supreme Court has dismissed smart meter class action application ( …

Keith Baldrey added, They obviously didn't include the chem trails argument enough in their lawsuit. Or anti-vaxx. Or Roswell. #bcpol


Sorry to change the subject...but, as you can see, it's worse than imagined. For quite a while, i'd felt ole' keef blader-dash was just a blue-lodge porch mason, a kind of useful idiot from the lower 3 degrees. He had that schlep-dog, shabboz-goy-on-the-make look about'im. This type of bandit is too clever by half. They are more than willing to blindly take an oath. They easily put the party quite apart from anything democratic or ethical. Always so ready to toe the line hard. Without knowing much and worrying even less about what's going on higher up in the pyramid.

(Anyone else here ever wondered what's on top of the Marine Building in

But it would seem that i under^eztimated our fair-haired little brother, geek (is that real hair?) balder-dash.

Read the following and ask yourself if the wretched little cretin's not running some big-time obstruction for the super-duper-deluxe agenda. The move he pulls below is called muddying the waters. It's straight out of Co-IntelPro, namely in the vein of Operation Mocking Bird.

Notice how he's dropping some woppin'big meme^bombs. Guy'z obviously been made, been bumped up in the great plan, so to speak. Bro feek is all at 6s^n-9s attempting to ridicule the opposition to smart meters. He goes out of his way to try and slander, without saying a word about anything that matters to the case. Vaccines and chem-trails are topics well worth researching; but they have nothing immediately to do with smart meters, except in the sinister projections of this nasty shill. The guy'zzz an asset on the wrong side of history. And with times being what they are and the curtains coming back, what's revealed about our little keef is that he's clearly an initiated, sold-out, grifting pressitute, trying desperately to heave-ho himself once again into that trough where the diabolical do to suck ever more of our tax dollars up their snouts--'cause you just know they deserve it, right? Right:-).

Here he is:

Keith Baldrey added,
jessica mcdonald @bchydroceo
This just in... BC Supreme Court has dismissed smart meter class action application ( …

Keith Baldrey added, They obviously didn't include the chem trails argument enough in their lawsuit. Or anti-vaxx. Or Roswell. #bcpoli

Be wise, good people.


Tommy Fletcher..Keith Baldrey...Think it might be time for another Ross K ....

Keef Report


Oh, and a little off-topic..

Another LNG market just went kaput..

Argentina ..No longer will Argentina be buying imported LNG..


"Argentina is planning to stop LNG imports in the following years as the domestic gas production rises, according to the country’s president Mauricio Macri.

He noted that the expensive LNG imports could be completely phased out in a period of five to six years, Platts reports.

Argentinian energy minister, Juan Jose Aranguren earlier said that discontinuing LNG imports would bring savings to the country, as domestic gas is cheaper than imported liquefied natural gas. In addition, Argentina would save US$100,000/day in rental fees for two floating regasification units."


Eyes Wide Open

North Van's Grumps said...

'protests about paving paradise to put up a parking lot.'

funny, but I thought Fletcher's comment about Parks would be a carte blanche 'put down on Pipeline for Enbridge and Kinder Morgan' who have been given expropriation rights to dig where they please

e.a.f. said...

gee, if No campsite Mary is not building more campsites for the great unwashed because she is "afraid" of all those tree huggers, why are they building Site C at such a great rate, cutting trees, expropriating land, etc.? enquiring minds would like to know.

Now as to those tree hugging types preventing "No Campsite Mary" from building more campsites, I've yet to hear from any group protesting more campsites for residents of B.C.

Personally don't see the need for the provincial government to build campsites for tour operators but for the taxpaying citizens of this province, yes big time.

Some will argue we need these tourists for the economy, but those who benefit are in the minority. Its just the tour operators and those who have contracts to "own" the provincial parks. These tourists do not spend a lot of money in B.C. They camp, cook their meals in their R.V.s and don't shop much. Hotels don't make a dime and neither do resturants.

Its just another e.g. of No Campsite Mary and the rest of the B.C. LieberLS Inability to plan. The B.C. Lieberals didn't plan for a need for more doctors and nurses in this province. We are short approx. 2K speciality nurses and as many as 500K of us don't have family doctors. Had Christy and her cabal directed young people to university and medical school, today we would have a first rate medical system and a lot of better paying jobs. Instead we are no importing doctors from Great Britain and as fast as the various Colleges of Physicians and surgeons can get the paper work done, they're going to work here. of course if your kid wants to be a doctor, they have to go to G.B. to get their education.

The B.C. Lieberals couldn't plan their way out of anything except a scandal. They got that all planed get Fletcher and the rest of his ilk to run to their defense and write all the b.s. they can.

The campsite scam is getting a lot more traction than the B.C. Lieberals and their supporters ever thought it would. Face it, we can't buy houses, we can't find a doctor, our kids are in over crowded schools or in a school which is closing, can't get to work without paying a lot of money in tolls and then you can't go camping. That may be the final straw.

Chuckstraight said...

I `ve learned to not read Fletcher- he isn`t much of a "journalist".
More of an apologist for the BC Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I would ask (again): How many campsites has the provincial government added since May 17, 2001?

RossK said...


Is it greater or less than zero?


RossK said...




Anonymous said...

3120 fewer vehicle accessible campsites in 2016 v. 2001.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

Can you point us to a source?


Anonymous said...

Posted source before, but it didn't stick ??

"Campsites (vehicle accessible): 13,820"

"10,700 vehicle accessible campsites"

e.a.f. said...

It maybe that they have created an additional 200 campsites since they came to office. Read it some where, recently. That is probably what the tour operators needed for their increase in business. Of course the increase in the general population in the past 15 years has been in the hundreds of thousands, but we are only the taxpayers so we don't count.

Back in the 1980s when Bill Bennett, Jr. privitized the provincial campgrounds there was a bumper sticker" I camp and I vote. Might be nice to see that again.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon-Above!