Wednesday, July 06, 2016

This Day In #BCPoli...Bloggers, Bloggers Everywhere!


This morning it was Laila Yuile on CKNW with Martyn Brown and Jon McComb (starts at 35' 40'')

Tonight at 6pm it will be Merv Adey on BlogTalk Radio with Canadian Glen.

Something's happening around here.

Idiot Bloggers?....Well...You know.
And as your all you Lotuslandian MoCovian/Puffmaster Flashist-type producers who stop by here occasionally (we see you there in the stats)...Give Norm Farrell a call why don't ya...In fact, we dare you to do...And if you don't, I have a feeling that Chris Walker's folks just might.
And, finally, just in case you missed it...Uncle Rafe has taken to using Norm's graphs in his posts, straight-up.



Anonymous said...


If the lowly vegan cupcake can "take over the World". The truth should be an easy sell. Bravo bloggers.

Thanks RossK

The chocolate ones are really good…

Grant G said...

I listened to Laila, Martyn, and Jon...The exchange was fascinating...Laila was on her usual A-Game...Martyn Brown was very good too..until, until Laila brought up the hideous, uneconomical run of river scheme that is presenting bankrupting BC Hydro.

Martyn Brown was spinning like a top trying to defend his time with Gordon Campbell..

Martyn Brown, great at criticizing others, and yes those who Martyn criticizes deserve the treatment...

However, he just can't admit his involvement with a former premier who did as much harm or more to B.C.

RossK said...

Helluva point you've got there SH.

About how easy the selling of truth 'should' be.




Not surprising, I suppose given how hard it is for architects to level their own edifices, etcetera.


cfvua said...

Haven't had time to listen to today's program , but last week went well I thought. Mr Brown seems well informed and seemed to have recovered from the partial amnesia he was suffering from regarding details a couple of lawyers wanted to hear prior to the $ 6 Million payoff for Basi/Virk silence. Unfortunate, but perhaps he will redeem himself. Laila did a great job and I'm sure she will continue to do so.

Anonymous said...

BC bloggers as a force multiplier?

Anonymous said...

Don't ask bc libs they bypassed BCUC AND ALC