Monday, July 25, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Will The Limited Real Estate Tax Hangout Actually Work?



I'm not talking about whether a tax that doesn't actually follow the (foreign) money will actually work in real terms that actually means something of true significance for actual British Columbians.

Instead, I'm talking about whether it will work in purely politically expedient terms for the BC Liberal Party and their crony paymasters.


Of course...

The Wizards of Clarklandia probably figure they have a good chance of pulling off that expedient thing as long as they can count on proMedia folks like Ron Obvious to keep on focussing on the trivial:

But here's the thing...

The day before Sam Cooper's big story was published/posted he was on the Twittmachine doing a foreshadow dance that got folks of all stripes  chomping at the bit, eyes bulging, looking for the real thing rather than the pablum leaking from the seams of the likes of Mr. Mason et al.

How very un-club like of Mr. Cooper.

And why, exactly, isn't this special sitting of the legislature being called the Dippers' Summer Blow-Out Bash anyway?


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Lenin's Ghost said...

Bwahahaha.....the uneducated masses will drink the koolaid. Corporate Christy cares so much that she spends her precious summer making it all better!