Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Golden Era's Long Tail (ctd)...Casino-Industrial Complex (NotSo) Good Samaritanism.


Some folks came across a collapsed man in a downtown parking lot recently.

When they called 911 the dispatcher told them to go to the nearby Paragon-owned Edgewater Casino and get their defibrillator.

When the good samaritans got to the casino door here, according to Global's Jon Azpri, is what happened:

"...First, a casino doorman refused to hand over the device. A manager also refused, saying the victim wasn’t on casino property..."


When Paragon finishes building it's massive Casino-Industrial Complex that will take over the entire area will a citizen in dire need require a fist full of chips to get their help?

And, just in case you've forgotten...The breech-birthing of said 'complex' was helped along by a wee bit of immaculately conceived cronyism, BC Liberal style.



e.a.f. said...

When that real estate family "decided" to purchase the Empress, there were all sorts of wonderful things said about the rationale for the purchase. I wondered what the real reason was And now we know, a nice CASINO! Wonder how much they donated to the B.C. LIeberals and how much they knew prior to purchasing the hotel?????>

Anonymous said...

So far I am not keen on having municipal elections 4 years apart and Penticton council has shown why. I am all in favour of a return to 2 year terms. For those saying it takes two years to find the bathroom... well we probably don't want you running our councils anyway.

Anonymous said...

1/4 - Penticton Indian Band threatened to block casino relocation; concerns eased with $750K payout from gaming company - by Joe Fries

2/4 - Nearly 2 decades later, Penticton Indian Band still upset about its own failed casino development - by Joe Fries

3/4 - Mayor receives $2,500 campaign contribution from casino company, insists there's no conflict - by Joe Fries

4/4 - 'Odd' responses to casino FOI requests paint troubling picture - by Joe Fries