Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Cosmic Kid....

.....Is Coming To Town

And we've got tickets.

All of us.

C., Bigger E, littler e., and me too.

All of which has led to a fury of set-list and tea-leaf reading trying to figure out what we will see and hear.

I figure I'd like the current Set 'A', just for a 10 or 12 minute version of 'Kitty's Back!' although given the Phantom's unfortunate illness I'm not so sure that's gonna happen by the time the Circus comes to Lotusland

But then I stumbled upon a rumour that 'Growin' Up' might be in the mix.

Given how important that soaring excercise in self-preservatory fantastgoric-flim-flammery was to me when I was a kid, well......

I couldn't help blurting out, to no one in particular, something about how I might start balling if they did actually play it.

littler e., who was sitting across the Subterranean Blues Room (ie. the basement cubby hole where we keep our mind-control boxes) heard me and just said, kind of matter-of-factly:

"But I've never seen you cry before Dad."

Which is very strange thing for an 8 year old to say, indeed.

Then again, littler e. has never seen me 'stand stone-like at midnight, suspended in my masquerade' before either.



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