Monday, December 03, 2007

Is Mr. T. About To Become A Person Of Interest?


Update: This post was originally written somewhat tongue-in-cheek. That was a mistake as it turns out that Mr. Tieleman's office was broken into and ransacked. The thugs also left behind a prominently displayed Railgate calling card that Bill believes was a warning. My apologies for having been so flippant at the outset.


Original post......

Just came back from Bill Tieleman's site, looking for the latest on BC RailGate (non)trial, and look what I found:

An emergency situation occurred today that regrettably took me out of BC Supreme Court and reporting on a rare secret hearing that took place today in the Basi-Virk case.

You will be able to read about that emergency in tomorrow's 24 hours newspaper and The Tyee online publication, as well as on this blog Tuesday.

I can only say at this point that it does have to do with the BC Legislature Raid case and you will find it quite astonishing.

Now, assuming that all is well with Mr. T. in terms of life and limb, I can only wonder what, given all that has already gone on in the RailGate case, could actually 'astonish' me at this point.


How about this?

Mr. T., due to his encyclopedic knowledge and writings on the case, has actually become a person of interest in the case.

Sound crazy?

Sure thing.

But, then again, who would have been crazy enough to give anybody odds, even at 364-to-one, that the trial of this case wouldn't have even started yet, almost four years after the fact.

And why, you might ask, have we decided to make such a wild-eyed speculation? Well, when the public and the press are shut-out completely, what else can we do but speculate - OK?


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