Monday, December 24, 2007

Educating Railgate - The Discovery Method


Way back in the days when C. and I worked at summer camp and we had to teach a bunch of kids something we knew absolutely nothing about we would use something we called the 'Discovery Method'.

Which essentially involved trying just about anything under the sun.

That is most definitely not what GWest did over at Mary's place when he dug through the details of the RailgateDefence Team's 'Motion for Discovery' and came up with nuggets like this:

"On December 28, 2003, the RCMP also exercised a search warrant on the residence and office of Mr. (Erik) Bornmann. At that time Mr. Bornmann made a statement to the RCMP that Aneal Basi (hereinafter "Mr. A. Basi") was a bona fide contractor working for him."

Now why, if real, is that shining like a hunk of gold?

Because Mr. Bornmann is the very fine fellow who was one of the principals of the well connected Lib-Leaning-Lobbyshop called 'Pilothouse' that allegedly did the bribing, but unlike the alleged bribees (ie. Messr's Basi, Virk and Basi), he (ie. Mr. Bornmann) has never been charged with anything.



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