Thursday, December 06, 2007

RailGate - Defense Back In......

....Public and The Press Still Out.


In case you missed it, everybody except the representatives of the crown were thrown out of Studio 54 on Robson (ie. BC Supreme Court LedgeRaid hearing location) earlier this week.

Something to do with secret witnesses and/or police informers wanting to remain double-super-ultra-secret.

But now, apparently, defence counsel have been let back into the Disco, but only if they stand directly under the cone of silence.

As for the Public and the Press?

Well, they're still standing out on the street trying to convince the bouncers to let them back in.

Bill Tieleman has the story; Mary, GWest, gary e. and the Anon-O-Mice have the discussion.


Mistah T. also had an inverse trapezoid lead that quoted big Media lawyer Roger McConchie as saying all this double-secret probation/cone-of-silence stuff could delay the actual start of the trial yet again (ie. push it back from it's now scheduled Mar 2008 date, which would move it closer and closer and closer to the next provincial election).
One last interesting/troubling tidbit - once again, when the going got tough the big boss special prosecutor was nowhere to be found. Instead, his junior was forced to throw another Hail-Mary (ie. Section 37 application) in an attempt to re-exclude the defense. The Judge was not amused, especially when the Junior tried to run out the clock (again).


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