Saturday, December 01, 2007

When The Going Gets Tough, Does Carole Taylor Get Going?


Yesterday, we suggested that an 'independent' mayor Carole Taylor might be a good thing for Vancouver regardless ideology.

Which is an outsider's* opinion we still kinda/sorta stand behind.

Today, however, The TimesColonist's Les Leyne raised an interesting, if somewhat tangential, point re: a possible accessory motive for Ms. Taylor's resignation as Gordon Campbell's provincial Finance Minister.

(H)er timing is impeccable. She said she's at a personal peak in terms of health, home and happiness. The B.C. Liberals are still comfortably on top politically. And the economic scene over which she has presided confidently is still booming.

It's that last measurement that has the most relevance to people. The quarterly report that she delivered along with her decision not to run again hints at how acute her sense of timing is.

Because it looks like the boom cycle is cresting in B.C. The boundless optimism that characterized previous economic updates isn't nearly as strong as it has been over the past few years.

Taylor's update shows B.C.'s domestic economy is still strong. But the critical "external conditions" by which a good part of the province thrives or lags are weakening to the point where the best guesses about what happens next are getting pessimistic.

Leyne then wrote that he doesn't think that Ms. Taylor is actually bailing on the people of the British Columbia now that it looks like the going might be getting a little tough.

Me, I'm not so sure.

One thing I do know for sure, however - if Ms. Taylor does become Mayor of Vancouver in November 2008, I sure as heck don't want her bailing on us as soon as the Olympics are done in 2010.

Especially if the going gets tough.


*Of course, this is an opinion that could change once commentators with real insider info and insight, folks like Stephen Quinn and/or Ian King, weigh in.
Update: The I-Ching King has a couple of interesting things to say about potential undercover (of darkness?) motives in the comments.
Double-Not-So-Secret-Probation Update: Paul Willcocks throws in his two cents as well, together with the 'D' word which is no small matter when it comes to Vancouver civic politics.


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