Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Is Our Province Full Of Rabbit Holes?


So the deafening silence from the mainstream media on the secret witness/secret informer/secret document trails leading a projected every-which-way towards allegedly/perhaps/maybe the highest levels of government/organized crime/drug dealing/bribery/corruption/destruction of public trust and/or assets is one thing.

But what about this.....

.....The one reporter who has done the most to keep this story alive over the past three years, eleven months and three-hundred-forty-one days has his office broken into, his files ransacked, and an explicit RailGates'RUs calling card left behind atop the rubble and it doesn't warrant a single media report* except for short pieces from the two outlets he actually writes for (The Tyee and 24 Hours).

This most definitely is NOT a case of no news is good news.

*Luckily, however, we do have BC Mary, Robin Mathews, GWest et al., and the Anon-O-Mice.
**A silver lining has been generated by the many excellent and heart-felt well wishes in the comment thread to the expanded post at Bill Tieleman's personal blog.
Update, Late Tuesday: CKNW is now reporting on the robbery.
Update, Wednesday: According to commenter Off-The-Radar, CBC Radio in Vancouver had a story late Tuesday; and today BC Mary has the text of a short piece in the Victoria T.C. up. Looks like there maybe a little traction, but nothing from the Sun or Province yet - will have to see tomorrow after a full newscycle has passed.


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