Monday, December 31, 2007

Fearing The Loathsome




There are a million of them to end to 2007.

And we're even working, but only half-heartedly, on one of our own.

So, while we toil away in the bowels of the archives amongst the stench of the rotting remains of The Dobranos, we've got something to keep you busy.

It's the Buffalo Beast's "50 Most Loathsome People in America".



We're most partial to #36:

36. Master Chief

Charges: Unquestioning cybernetic super soldier of Halo 3's futuristic virtual dystopia; lacks free will and a face. Feature article treating him as a cultural phenomenon in Time magazine marked a low point for both franchises. Stupid name.

Exhibit A: Joint-marketed with Mountain Dew "Game Fuel" in a major coup for diabetes industry.

Sentence: Stop loss, a tour in Iraq.

But they're all hilarious, not to mention very, very, very scary.



Another fine list is one assembled by Jon Swift.

And it was done by way of a brilliant, yet simply better mousetrap.

Essentially, Mr. Swift asked members of the bloggodome to send in there single best post of the year.

It's a pretty exhaustive list, and some of it is no doubt dross and/or sturm and drano.

However, there is lots of great stuff, like this from 'The Dominionists for Tancredo":

"(Dr. Ron )Paul Campaign: 'We’ll buy Manitoba with all our money if we don’t win'"

I was a scared and imagined the real threat this fundraising and Dr. Rep. Ron Paul poses to Our Dominion in terms of Cultural Mongrelization of America by atheistic European special interest groups, the moving from the dollar to the euro currency standard, and the ultimate realization of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul’s proposals to rename the Dakota’s North Bavariastan and South Bavariastan if elected President as in kind payback to the Bavarians for their support of his campaign.

Heckfire, even if the copy were swill (which it isn't) the title alone is worth it's weight in Huckabees.


Unfortunately, however, none of these lists has any mention of Guy Lombardo and there are absolutely no descriptions of Debbie Reynolds in a fright wig.


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