Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Why Did Someone Break Into Bill Tieleman's Office?


Last night, after we read a cryptic post on Bill Tieleman's blog, we speculated, half-tongue-in-cheek, that perhaps Mr. T. had become a person of interest in the Railgate affair.

At the time, of course, we were talking about his encyclopedic knowledge and his files being of interest to someone associated with the legal apparatus associated with the case.

Instead, in reality, it looks like Bill may have become a person of interest for the illegal apparatus.

From a post at 'The Tyee':

The office of a Vancouver journalist has been broken into in an incident he believes is linked to the political scandal he is covering.

Bill Tieleman, a regular contributor to The Tyee who has been writing about the B.C. legislature raid case, discovered upon his return from the courthouse Monday that someone had broken into his office via the ceiling and a vacant adjacent office after attempts to force his door apparently failed.

Although nothing was missing, Tieleman said the intruders had moved a copy of a book about the raid and an accompanying press kit across his office and placed them on top of fallen ceiling tiles.

"Somebody was sending me a clear message about the B.C. legislature raid," he told The Tyee.

"There's no question about it."

This is NOT a good thing.



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