Friday, December 07, 2007

If He Had A Million Dollars......

......Would He Buy Her A Green Dress?*


Looks like Senator Larry Campbell has big money on his mind.

At least as far as Carole Taylor is concerned.

Frances Bula has the story:

Senator Larry Campbell says he could raise a million dollars "now" for Carole Taylor if she ran for mayor of Vancouver.

And the outspoken former Vancouver mayor says Taylor could easily do in Vancouver what Dianne Watts did in the last election in Surrey: run as an independent mayoral candidate, capture a broad swathe of middle-of-the-road voters disenchanted with the old centre-right party and not willing to go to the left, and watch councillors align themselves with her once they realize she is what the public wants.

"She's going to be independent if she goes," said Campbell, who first approached Taylor, currently the provincial finance minister, in July about the possibility......

Oh Boy!

*But not a real green dress, because that would be really, really cruel.


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