Thursday, April 03, 2008

Did Orson Wells Write L'Affaire d'Lesser?


After all, Charles Foster Kane once had his own 'Rosebud'.

And now it looks like Citizen Les just might have his own 'Rosebank':

VICTORIA -- It was once rich fields of corn; now the Rosebank Place land in Chilliwack is covered with sprawling, luxury homes.

Just how the protected farmland - a property that was bought, subdivided and then sold by former solicitor-general John Les - came to be developed was the subject of scrutiny last summer when RCMP officers questioned staff at the provincial Agricultural Land Commission.


The Rosebank Place land is still technically in the Agricultural Land Reserve, but when RCMP interviewed several commission staffers last summer, authorities were particularly interested in whether any rules were bent to allow that property to be developed.


In 1997, while John Les was mayor, council rejected a rezoning application by the owners of an agricultural parcel at 10542 Bell Rd.

After he left City Hall, Mr. Les successfully applied to have that parcel rezoned in 2000, and took ownership of it.


According to this, and other, reports, the original owner of a chunk of farm property comes before Chilliwack City council while Mr. Les is Mayor asking to have the farmland rezoned for subdividing which would raise the value of the property significantly.

Council, with Mr. Les as mayor, rejects the proposal.

Three years later Mr. Les, who is then no longer the mayor, buys the property and has it rezoned by the council in essentially the same fashion as was proposed by the original owner.


Looks like somebody's got some 'xplainin' to do.


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