Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Maybe Glen Clark's Deck Did It....


It appears that Mr. John Les has an explanation, sorta/kinda, for all this land deal investigation stuff by the RCMP and a Special Prosecutor appointed by his provincial government:

VICTORIA -- Embattled MLA John Les hinted yesterday he may be the victim of a politically motivated vendetta that cost him his cabinet post.

Mr. Les resigned as solicitor-general on Friday after he was named in an RCMP investigation into land deals involving former City of Chilliwack officials.

"If there is a vendetta or some kind going on, I don't know," he told reporters. "I'm not sure if this is partisan, but it easily could be."

He did not say who might be behind a political attack.

Ya, sure.

An unidentified political opponent did it.

And if it's not 'partisan', does that mean he's suggesting that somebody on his side might be the culprit?

Oh boy.


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