Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Local Pols Get Uppity In British Columbia


Last week it was the Pols of Metro Vancouver who got uppity.

About the greedheading of a park.

This week it appears that it is the local Pols of the Okanagan who are worried about their reservoirs.

A campaign opposing the sale of 163 recreational lots on 20 Okanagan reservoirs is ramping up as Westbank Irrigation District and Summerland council jump on board.

The campaign, spearheaded by Lake Country Mayor James Baker and Kelowna Coun. Brian Given over the proposed sale of 15 recreational lots on Crooked Lake east of Lake Country, received a boost last week from the WID.

An explanatory article and a blank petition form were included with the irrigation district‘s annual tax bill to customers.

Baker attended an informal meeting of Summerland councillors on Monday night.

“They are keen to hold a rally for water because some of these lots are on their Headwaters Lake, the headwaters of Trout Creek. It‘s the same issue that we have with the lots on Crooked Lake, the first ones the province is targeting,” he said.

And what does Mr. Gordon Campbell's man, the man who will apparently make the final decision, Mr. Pat Bell, have to say about all of this?

Well, he's ready to 'consult':

Agriculture and Lands Minister Pat Bell has promised to consult with Valley politicians before he makes a final decision.

But here's the thing.

Mr. Campbell's men and women once said, flat-out, that they wouldn't greedhead any urban parks.

So if an unequivocal statement is worth less than zero, how much, exactly, is a promise to 'consult' worth?



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