Saturday, April 05, 2008

When SuperGroup Members Are Not So Super



Does our 2nd favorite rock critic alive today, Jim DeRogatis, ever hate the latest from Vancouver Indie Super-Sub Group "Destroyer" and frontman Dan Bejar's latest 'product':

"Although Bejar has released a staggering eight albums plus assorted other effluvia under the Destroyer name since the mid-’90s, he’s best known as a contributor of some of the finest songs on albums by the indie-rock supergroup the New Pornographers. There, his most self-indulgent and grating tendencies are mitigated by the big-band dynamic, if not checked by unofficial bandleader Carl Newman. But there are no similar filters in Destroyer, and we suffer for it...."

Fair enough.

And don't think this is just an anti-Canuckistanian Indiosorial hate-on from big shot critic from Chicago.

After all, DeRogatis and his partner Greg Kot just love The Besnard Lakes.

And so do we.


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