Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes A Conservancy Is Just A Conservancy...

.....And Sometimes It Is Not.



I hope the 11 new parks and 70 new conservancies announced by Mr. Gordon Campbell's man in Havana, Barry Penner, are, indeed, the real thing for all British Columbians.

After all, as every single press release-assisted bit of media wurlitzering is quick to note, the aggregate is, gosh!, twice the size of Prince Edward Island.

But there is one little little niggler that, when coupled with the Campbell government's previous and oft-repeated bouts of duplicity, is giving me just the teeniest twinge.

You can find the niggler buried deep within the Globe and Mail's piece from Ian Bailey and it goes like this:

"Though there are protections for both parks and conservancies, some minor commercial activities are allowed in conservancies, but excluded from parks."


Minor commercial activities?

What the heckfire are those, precisely?

And if you think that Mr. Bailey's piece has the whiff of the steno-pad about it , feel free to check out the VSun's unbylined piece......As far as I can tell the latter appears to have been taken straight from the press release (careful, pdf), pretty much verbatim - Sheesh.


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