Friday, April 25, 2008

If You Don't Have Plans......

......Why Make The Change?


Apparently British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell's government, which has already given forest companies a huge windfall by allowing them to become defacto land developers, is now going to let them turn logging roads into toll roads as well

But not to worry, even though the new legislation will allow the forest companies to charge fees there is no 'plan' to have them do so.

S.M. Holman of Public Eye has the story:

Responding to complaints that commercial and industrial road users will now have to pay forest companies to use those corridors, the ministry confirmed the act does allow for the establishment of such fees. But "there is no plan to impose new fees for industrial use."

Sure thing.


Excuse me if I parse the 'qualifier' regarding no plan to impose fees for "industrial use".

After all, don't think the VW (notso)Microbus with a canoe on top and the two E's in the backseat qualifies.

As 'industrial' I mean.

Which begs the question.....

Will, the ForestCos ultimately, like BC Ferries, have reservation fees on top of the toll fees too?



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