Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Does Team Harper Think They Have A Water Carrier At CanWest?


When all the kerfuffle broke about the attempts to have In 'N Out Burgers secretly delivered to various and sundry Ottawa hotel rooms on Sunday we noted that Ms. O'Malley, who was not a recipient of said deliveries or even take-out, made more than passing reference to the fact that CanWest was.

On the delivery list.

At least initially.

But then, suddenly, they weren't.

On the list I mean.

So, how come?

Well, Ms. O'Malley's piece (and especially her updating) kinda/sorta led us to surmise that it might have had something to do with the fact that the new guy at CanWest, David Akin, showed up and had his fries snatched away from him by The Sparrow.

So, to get his opinion on the matter, I headed over to Mr. Akin's place, and after initially demurring and sending me back to Ms. O'Malley, which was fair enough, he also said this:

"To go back to your original question -- you may also wish to review what National Post's Politics Editor, Kelly McParland, had to say about all this at his blog."

And here's something pretty interesting/confirmatory that Mr. McParland had to say:

Also on the list of invitees was Canwest News, but the invite was summarily revoked when Canwest sent David Akin, a reporter recently recruited from CTV, where he obviously did BAD THINGS and is now on the Tories' list of persona very non grata.

Interesting that, don't you think?

Which brings us back to that original list.

Because.......does that mean that there was someone else, specifically, at CanWest's Ottawa Bureau that The Sparrow wanted at that double-secretsauce-probation-with-dijon-ketchup-on-top meeting?

And if so, whom might that be?

Me, I'm not sure.

But I am playing musical Bureau chairs with that 'ol Baretta theme song in my head.



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