Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Arbour Effect


Like we said yesterday, Louise Arbour, soon to be former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is one of our heroes.

And given that Mr. Stephen Harper is apparently quite happy with that 'former' tag, it got wondering what might make him (ie. the aforementioned Mr. Harper) unhappy with respect to any future career developments for Ms. Arbour.

Well, wondering like that set the tongues to wagging on the comment threads.

Our good friend GWest started the ball rolling:
Now she is a leader who could step into Dion's shoes and fill them to bursting without even trying. Which eventuality - if Harper was behind this - would come back and bite him in the ass very nicely, don't you think ross?

Then, JanFromTheBruce made the case that Ms. Arbour should run for the Dippers.
hopefully she is a member of the NDP party. She's not a war advocate in anyway.

Prog-Rocker and noted Lib-Backer Scott Tribe then chimed in:
She is a rumoured Liberal candidate. I know many in the Liberal Party would love for her to be a candidate.. I've no doubt there's some behind-the-scenes talks.
Which, tongue-in-cheek, led me to respond: Well, forget all that Scott.
Bring 'em out front where they belong!
Well, to his credit, Scott has done his best to make it happen, by writing this post over at his place:

This is an open letter to the Liberal OLO; please make a very determined effort to recruit Louise Arbour (the soon-to-be-former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights) to run as a Liberal candidate somewhere in Montreal for the next election. I understand attempts have been made before at convincing her to run, but redouble your efforts, particularly in light of reading over here that Harper and his government may have helped in torpedoing her chances for a 2nd term at that post because they were unhappy with her criticisms of the US over detainees.

I believe she is well respected in Canada (outside of Conservative circles). She obviously is an accomplished jurist, both domestically and internationally, and getting a high-profile person like Ms. Arbour to commit as a candidate for the Liberals would help in getting some positive news for the Liberals in Quebec, and perhaps Canada in general, for a party that could use some positive coverage after the last month or so of gloom and doom out of the pundits.

Good stuff (although I must admit, my preferences run closer to Jan's), and it led to a lot of interesting discussion on Scott's threads, most of it positive, although there was some serious discussion, initiated by 'The Operative', about whether it would be appropriate for a former Supreme Court Justice to run for elected office.

My favorite comment over at Scott's though came from Daveberta, who said:
Louise Arbour would be my dream Prime Minister, but I’d honestly hate to see her reputation tarnished my partisan politics.

Dave's got a point.

Imagine though if Ms. Arbour had, say, John Manley's current job.


We would go from 'Lapdog-Nation' to 'Honest-Broker', like, overnight.

Or maybe even yesterday.

Because we're talking instantaneous separation from the PNACKian-Paddywaker-Nation credibility here.


PhotoCredit: Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Phil Esposito and Chiko Maki at 'Henri Henri' Chapeaux shop, circa 1965, in Montreal, deep within the riding that Mr. Tribe suggests the Liberals run Ms Arbour in.


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