Friday, April 04, 2008

L'Affaire de Lesser: More Than Just Rosebank?


Yesterday, we wondered if the Rosebank development in Chilliwack just might be Mr. John Les' 'Rosebud'.

Now it looks like their might be a whole bunch of sleds in the formation:

The investigation into the land dealings of B.C.'s ex-solicitor-general goes beyond the two properties CTV has uncovered, according to the special prosecutor overseeing the investigation.

Prosecutor Robin McFee told CTV News that there are more land transactions that have brought the attention of the RCMP than those at Bell Road and Rosebank Place in Chilliwack -- deals that made John Les hundreds of thousands of dollars during and after the years he was mayor of the Fraser Valley city.

"I can say that the scope of the investigation is broad and has been fully pursued by the RCMP," Robin McFee told CTV News.

If that's truly the case, it would seem that it is becoming more and more difficult for reasonable people to believe that no one, including the principals, knew anything was up before the CBC started to make enquiries last Friday.

Unless, of course, everyone in the Chilliwack land development business has kept their ears plugged, their eyes covered, and their mouths duct-taped for the past year or more.


Oh, and the guy who had the story before the CBC, Paul Henderson (not the 1972 goal scorer), of the Chilliwack Times has all kinds of interesting details on the behind how the Rosebank deal did not go through repeatedly for the original longterm owners but did (go through) for Mr. Les almost immediately after he bought the property.


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