Saturday, May 21, 2011

Are You Busy Getting Ready For The Rapture?


Somehow, I figure that the original girl who 'Kissed A Girl' and who now completely fan-funds her albums, Jill Sobule, isn't getting too worked up about it...

Ms. Sobule, who is a big, big favourite around our house, was on Radiotubz with Jim and Greg awhile back and she told an interesting little story about her early days when she was 'discovered' by a big ConGlom A&R man who then pushed her single out the door and tried to turn her into something she was not. Turns out, the same guy discovered Ms. KPerry fifteen years later. But Jill holds no grudges. After all, when the Katy song went big the I-Tunes spillover was, allegedly, enough for Sobule to put a downpayment on the Prius..... If you want to hear about Jill's early days, in song, there is nothing better (or more inspiring) than this.... And if you want to hear the rockingest, no chairs included, version of 'Kissed A Girl' by Jill and John Doe, live, buy.....This!


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