Tuesday, May 10, 2011

There Is Only One Proven Extremist Running in Point Grey...

....And Her Name Is Christy Clark


It would appear that things have tightened a little in the Point Grey by-election.

How do we know this?

Because Christy Clark, debate no-show kill button still in hand, has suddenly gone negative on David Eby calling him an extremist due to his work for civil rights and social justice.


There is only one person running in tomorrow's bye-bye in creme-de-la-creme ville who has proven that she is an extremist once in power.


Before the slash and burning started in earnest to clear out the social slag that would facilitate Gordon Campbell's really, really big plans to privatize everything there was first the BC Liberal Party's 2001 election platform.

An election platform that was co-written by Christy Clark.

And before there was the privatization of the Ferries, and the Railway, and the Roads, and the Bridges, and the Subway, and the Hospital Services, and the MSP Billing, and the Accounting, and the Rivers, there was the privatization of many, many services delivered by the Ministry of Child and Family Development.

And when the latter all blew up with the Doug Walls/CareNET debacle that cost subsequently cost taxpayers millions, who did Gordon Campbell immediately put in charge of Child and Family Development?

Why, none other than.


Christy Clark.


Now, here's the really important thing.

The privatization of something like BC Ferries, while disastrous, has so far cost us little more than money.

But the disaster that MCFD has become, and the services it still contracts out to private companies as a direct result of the extremism of Mr. Campbell and Ms. Clark is still very much with us.

And that directly affects kids in trouble.

Which means that, in this specific case, Ms. Clark's political extremism has cost us way, way more than money.



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