Friday, May 13, 2011

If The LINO's Have Lost The West of Blanca Crowd...


...They really are doomed.

On the night of the Point Grey Bye-Bye, I wondered what would happen west of Blanca which, essentially is all the high end condos and townhouses at UBC.

Me, I figured that would be a big swing for Ms. Clark and the BC Liberals.

That's because a lot of the folks living in those places are their core 'middle' - well-heeled, upwardly mobile, and socially liberal. There is also a growing number of new immigrants high up on the socioeconomic ladder that you wouldn't think of as usually going Dipper.

And then......

The next day Alex Tsakumis spills the beans/poll numbers that even there Ms. Clark got creamed.

Which must have the smart money boys wondering what will happen in Kerrisdale, or even Richmond, not to mention the North Shore, in the general if she can't carry Hampton Place.




Anonymous said...

What does LINO mean?

RossK said...

(l)iberal In Name Only

Anonymous said...

BC people have no trust in Elections BC. Because of Craig James cheat, he altered the words in the recall, after the fact, to delay the recall. He used very dirty tactics. I don't trust him as far as I could throw him. He was Campbell's good cheating buddy, as all Campbell's friends seem to be.

The voting booths had pencils, to mark the ballots. That isn't even legal. Government documents require ink. The vote could have been easily been cheated. Nothing the BC Liberals do, is surprising anymore. We expect their scams and lies.

RossK said...


They certainly do seem to be doing all they can to make even the most reasonable folks wonder what the heckfire is really going on this coming.