Friday, May 13, 2011

When Conventional Wisdom Becomes Codswallop...


....You get stuff like this:

...Why was it (the Point Grey byelection) so close? As the night wore on, I started getting emails, tweets and text messages from frightened Liberals — all full of excuses for what, at that point, was looking like a byelection disaster.

It was still-simmering anger over the HST, they said. Or maybe it was a backlash against the nasty attack flyer Clark sent out in the dying days, portraying Eby as pro-pornography, among other things.

But the thing most Liberals quietly admitted was Clark should not have snubbed those riding debates.

That was arrogant. It was the opposite of her "new style" of "inclusive politics." And it nearly cost her....


There is absolutely no evidence that Christy Clark would have done better if she had debated David Eby.

In fact, everything points the other way.

I mean....

Do you really think it was her decision to duck?

I think not.

Instead, I'm pretty sure it was the pro-pols running her campaign, guys like this, who held her back.

In fact, I'd be willing to be that they carefully estimated the odds and then played them to the third decimal point.



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