Thursday, May 05, 2011

Derek Miller Lives!



Update: at the bottom of the post

And he, who is also known as 'Penmachine', will be on with Stephen Quinn on the
CeebBC, Radio One, after the 5:30pm news, today, Wednesday May 4th, 2011.

That is all.

And it is enough.

More than enough.

The interview is now archived, here.
In-Depth Strat&Surge Analysis still coming.....Promise.
By the way, Mr. Quinn nailed Jim Dinning when he asked one specific question, "What evidence is there that business are passing on HST savings to consumers right now?" Absolutely none was offered - evidence, I mean.
Update, noon Thursday: Looking for something to affirm how much one person's life is really worth?....Go read Derek's last post....And then....Read the comments...All of them....OK?



paul said...

Damn. In a good way.A really good way.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Quite some time ago, when I still subscribed to the newspaper, I read a self-penned obituary like Derek's. Nobody I knew or anything. It was kind of lengthy and very funny. I thought then I might one day do the same, before Special Forces get their bloody hands on me.

Grant G said...

Ross...About that independent hst report that came out today..

Who gave the panel the authority or mandate to decide how long it will take to get out of the tax if it is voted gone..

The panel claims in its report that the HST will take 18 months to 24 months to get out of..

Did the panel talk to Ottawa,. did they talk to Flaherty, Falcon...

How the hell can a so-called unbiased panel make that claim?

It took a mere few weeks after the election to announce the HST and 11 months to prepare us for it and a panel states 18 months to 24 months to get out of!

Also...Jack Mintz`s $12 k 12 page report he wrote for Campbell claimed 100,000 jobs by 2010 and $11 billion in investment, this new panel claims 24,000 jobs by 2020 and $2 billion in investment....

The province claimed the tax was revenue neutral and now that has been proven false....

More effing lies...

I hope the tax is voted gone and Cluck Cluck stalls for ever...

That decision will be fatal.

Thanks Ross....Stay cool eh.

Ian said...

Rossk, thanks for the link. I first heard of Derek at the"bucket list" festival i went to a couple of weeks ago and my fabulous pain doc told the story of Derek's living wake but she didn't have his blog address and I forgot about it.

With your link, i've been reading it since 3 am. Funny, wise and intensly human. What a joy to read.

Ps. You thought the casino story was done? Think again. Im working on what i think is a real killer of a story for next week.

RossK said...

Mr. Miller was a helluva guy.

I spent a lot of time re-reading a bunch of his stuff last night too.

His life will live on for a long, long time in his writing.

Very off-topic, but not really...I've been really getting hooked on WZevon lately...And it was littler e. that figured out his secret to song writing the other day as she listened....She figures the real melodies are sneaky because the piano is actually the percussion....brilliant that.

Grant - in my opinion this commission, or whatever the heck it is, clearly is working with a 'get out in front of the cost to consumers' innoculation strategy...Why?...Because not one of twenty proMedia types will do what Mr. Quinn did yesterday, which, also in my opinion, is the real problem.....For a direct comparison, compare what Quinn did to Dinning to how Cluff rolled over for CClark. I was half expecting her to ask him to 'shake a paw' by the end of the (so-called) interview.


Anonymous said...

I also listened to Dinnings Hogwash on Spin cycle.

Dinning had no specifics no evidence that the HST would grow the economy or any other wild futuristic claims he made.

Mr. Dinning, like his friend Gordon Campbell before him, uses faith as his "evidence" knowing full well that the future is unprovable, but heck if it is a "positive" future he predicts it must be "good".

There is a fix to the HST, reduce it to 10% and bring back a variety of exemptions that were added.

From what I could gather and what Quinn should also had questioned Dinning about is his figures. How much merchants are saving and how much more consumers are paying. It seems to me that consumers are paying merchants gains and nearly $1/2 billion is going into government coffers.

Here's another tax grab by the Conservatives in Ottawa. As fuel prices increase the fed take increases due to the fed excise tax on fuel which is 5%. Will this windfall to the feds allow them to cut corporate taxes further?

We are like a bunch of "rubes" wandering the midway. Chumps!

BC Mary said...


You said it, RossK: Derek Miller lives!

I much appreciate you bringing him into the conversation.

Condolences ... and extra-special thanks.