Friday, May 06, 2011

Did Gary Mason Just Say Christy Clark Has Connections To The BC Rail Scandal?


Why yes, I believe he did.

It was a classic, drive-by from the man known by the Pythons who walk among us as he who once tried to eat Chichester Cathedral, but he said it nonetheless:

"....What does she have to lose?

The answer is more than the other guys.

That is why Ms. Clark is not debating; because she has more to lose than anyone else in the debate, especially NDP candidate David Eby. She would inevitably be asked questions that would be uncomfortable. (About her connections to the BC Rail scandal, perhaps.)...."

And just who is it that is running her 'campaign', not to mention her 'town halls' anyway?

One thing we do know for sure....

It is NOT these guys.

Not literally, at least.



Anonymous said...

Campbell did say, he may stick around, as adviser to the Liberals.

Campbell and Harper still have their plans to follow through with. Can you see Campbell allowing Christy to work with Harper to, force the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tanker's from China, into our beautiful coastal waters? Not on your Nelly. Harper and Campbell are both control freaks, and dictators.

Nor will he allow Christy to work with Harper, on drilling oil and gas wells, off BC's coast.

Nor does Campbell want Christy in any debates. Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, and Christy and her families involvement, would sink her and Campbell, in a New York minute. Believe you me. That motley crew would all land in prison. That is, if we didn't have corrupt courts and corrupt judges.

Christy on NW radio, was a disgrace. Anyone posing a question she refused to answer, she cut them off. She called people opposing Campbell's insanity, the Taliban. She wouldn't even debate then, and an open debate, she would lose, hands down. Christy's claim to fame is, to look cute in a hockey jersey, photo shoot.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The BCR belonged to the BC people and this province, not to Campbell. Nor to any political party. He thieved the railroad and sold it. That makes him, one corrupt s.o.b. Not only do we want our BCR back, we want him in prison for thieving it. The real estate that went with the BCR, was worth a fortune.

We also want our rivers back, Campbell thieved and sold. We want every goddamned penny back that rotten monster thieved from this province and the people.

BC is the most corrupt province, in Canada, thanks to Campbell. BC finally beat Quebec out, for that honor. Campbell is the worst, most corrupt premier in Canadian history. That's the record of Campbell and the BC Liberal party. That's the way they will go down, in our future kids history books.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

To the extent BC Premiers go down in history at all, I do not think Campbell will be remembered for anything but his red mittens. He ought to be remembered for his bullying ways but it is not going to happen. We do not have George Woodcock writing history for us any more.

Anonymous said...

I see Christy Clark's biggest fan is polluting your blog now, Ross. Guy needs to get a life. Isn't there a modestly attractive female politician in Sumas County he could stalk, or have they all had restraining orders placed on him?

RossK said...


Thanks. I will be removing the above comment you refer to. I will not tolerate Trolls who constantly, and with malice aforethought, utter nonsense with apparent utter conviction all in an effort to nothing but obfuscate.


Excellent point, especially about GWoodcock.


Thanks for the insight.


RossK said...

Thanks Anon#2, above, for your most reasoned response to the Troll's now deleted comment which trumpeted the tired and fully-refuted codswallop about BCR that only a media moniter can love.

Please understand however, that I will no longer respond to this Troll any longer given the fact that you cannot reason with a person that is willing to peddle new demonstrable falsehoods after he has already been called on old ones.


RossK said...

Troll comment, deleted above, said the following:

"....RossK, I guess you don't care for free speech. You made me belch. You just love spinning crap about the BCLiberals. You also love debt on BCRail and don't think the Canucks are Canada's Team, right?..."

This tripe will be compiled, but it will no longer clog my comment threads.


Oh, and Troll, as we who pay attention and understand demonstrable falsehoods when we see them know, your big, bad BC Rail debt prop was just that.

A demonstrable falsehood, I mean.