Friday, January 31, 2014

Dean Alert!....An Aura Of Inevitability...


...In which the VSun's Vaughn Palmer does his best to bring John Horgan back into the Dipper leadership ring:

VICTORIA — With the race for the New Democratic Party leadership yet to attract the first official candidate, a move is afoot to persuade MLA John Horgan to change his mind about sitting this one out...



Remember all that water carrying Mike Smyth did for the Snooklandians last weekend in an effort to douse any and all the small flames that just might be throwing a little heat on a potential bid from young, way post '90's guy David Eby?


Looks like the various and assorted sundry factors keeping folks like Mr. Eby from getting anywhere near the weigh-in just might be a factor in Mr. Horgan's re-think:

...“I was hearing an inevitability about it,” Horgan told reporters. “I felt it was best to get out of the way for our younger members. It will open up the party to new ideas. It was imperative I made this announcement to clear the field.”

But in the three months since Horgan took himself out of the running, others have been doing the same, including federal MPs Nathan Cullen and Peter Julian, provincial MLA Judy Darcy and Mayors Gregor Robertson and Derek Corrigan.

Meanwhile, the pressure is on Horgan to reconsider, the hoped-for next generation of leadership having failed to materialize in the form of an actual declared candidate. “That is not really happening,” Horgan observed Thursday. “So I am listening to what people have to say.”...

Strange days indeed.

Most peculiar Mama.

Of course, there is also the 'Farnworth Factor' which, as a reader noted on the thread attached to the 'MSmyth, I Watercarrier' post, just might be being pushed by Lotusland's own pale imitation of the Matalin/Carville mediamanipulationmonsterbox...



motorcycleguy said...

Well, Horgan is the man to look after our province....but I sure see his reluctance...kind of a "hard to soar like an eagle" argument. Valid. I'm all for thinking outside the box.
What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Many citizens in BC are angry with Horgan. He deserted the people and left us to suffer another Liberal dictatorship, along with the monster dictator in Ottawa, we also have to suffer.

There is no honor, decency, ethics nor morals left in this country and especially in BC. Just ask Gordon Campbell.

Anonymous said...

This is what a leader looks like: