Friday, January 03, 2014

This Day In Lotusland...Politics.

...Civic Apathy Division.

Victoria Labour Council guy Michael Eso, on the Twittmachine, got me to thinking about our civic elections that are out there on the horizon, riding that slow train heading toward November.

Well, truth be told, that and the alleged craziness going on in various and assorted sundry hidey-holes of the COPE bunker, got me thinking about the upcoming civics.


Mr. Eso was kinda/sorta wondering about the Green Party prospects in Victoria.

So I followed the link to the 2011 election results that got him going. And I saw his point.

But what really brought me up short, although it probably shouldn't have given the way things are going these days, was the voter turnout in that election.

Which was...

Twenty-six freaking percent.

I mean, isn't that almost reaching the 'Is Democracy Dead?' tipping point?


How to fix this thing?

Well, maybe we need more artistes formerly known as Shithead (or some such thing), to run.

I'm guessing Burnaby Council in 2014!

I'll let you know if I'm way, way wrong (or right)  if Mr. Keithley answers my query re: his true intentions. 



e.a.f. said...

if people don't vote they have no one to blame but themselves when they wind up with a government they don't like. Now of course if this former band member decides to run, who knows the younger voters just might turn out.

RossK said...


Re: The Younger Set...

There real involvement with, and engagement in, the Eby campaign was one of the things that most impressed me last spring.

And while Mr. Eby's opponent had her own 'Army of Youngerthings' they seemed to do very little except to stir up sugar smack smears on the Twittmachine (and occasionally get proMedia contacts to wurlitzer their waving of false flags of fauxian flotsam and jetsam-type kind).