Thursday, January 30, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Actually, We Would Rather Stick Sharp Sticks In Our Eyes.



Sparkle Ponies!

Because, despite the fact that resource revenue keeps on falling on purpose we just keep on keepin' on stealing from the poor to give the cronies to 'balance' the budget.

Or some such thing.




Anonymous said...

So, ya know....beaming smile and twinkling eyes... the government strategy is to leave the carin' and financ'n of the less fortunate in our Provincial family to the decent people who won't turn their back on their brothers and sisters.

Case in point: emergency health care in rural areas is subsidized by a couple of thousand part-time British Columbia Ambulance Paramedics who are at the ready for $2.00 an hour, often not in their own community. No free lunch or gas.

All this against the backdrop of thousands of dollars paid daily, since before Christmas, to fund a top legal mind, and for administrative leave paid leave for at LEAST the Ambulance CEO and COO.

They've cleaned up rather nicely...for now.

Google: super siren for the background.

scotty on denman said...

Wonder how long it took for Pamela to put that together. I was beginning to worry she was just another one of the BFF gang Christy hired to decorate the Premier's office---or if she actually did any decorating. I'm so relieved she's kept herself busy.

RossK said...


Thanks for the info.

Will look into it.


Could you imagine being forced to 'keep yourself busy' with Darth Vader?

Of course, you can see them telegraphing the 'soften Big Rich's rough edges' state(r)gy from a mile away.


e.a.f. said...

they pay her how much for this short of shit, "colemancountry"? oh god, its a good thing I didn't eat dinner.

It may not have dawned on pammy but one in five children in B.C. live in poverty. surrey needs 10 new schools tomorrow morning just to get rid of the portables. we still don't have a new children's hospital. And all she can twit about is tomrrow nights meeting on a phone ..... what are they smoking? No I can't remember a stoner ever being that stupid.