Friday, January 31, 2014

Why Are The Fish Farmers Being Feted On Wall Street?


In the opinion of Alexandra Morton it's because the government of Stephen Harper has shredded the Cohen report as a prelude to greenlighting the feedlots of the feted fecal farmers forever:

On the heels of a greenlight from Prime Minister Harper, that salmon farming is free to expand in BC. The wisdom of Justice Bruce Cohen was tossed aside. As soon as the applications appeared in local papers, the industry was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. BC is a third world region, traded to Norway as a place for them to raised "their" fish...



Is Ms. Morton right or is she wrong.


Based on her track record I'm betting it's the former.

One thing that is not open to debate, because it is a fact, is the matter that the Harper government has removed the Cohen Report from publicly available government servers...Luckily Watershed Watch has it all archived (and is monitoring the Harpoonista's non-compliance)...



Anonymous said...

Of course Morton is correct. All we need is MORE fish fecal contamination off the coast - but perhaps an oil spill will eliminate them sooner than the feds will recognize both risks.

RossK said...


Hadn't thought of that Anon-Above.


If the Cons are able to voter suppress their way to a victory in 2015?

Well, you may be onto something.


North Van's Grumps said...

Christy Clark's handlers didn't get the memo from Harper's handlers:

responds to Cohen Commission recommendations
at your local library, provincially speaking, eh

JUST the recommendations from BC's point of view.

North Van's Grumps said...

The link above is interesting because it gives the impression that Christy Clark response is to be the Defender of the west coast fisheries health, against the Feds.

Sounds like a repeat performance of Enbridge's pipeline and NEB.

Coincidentally, "the Library" source has the three volumes of the Cohen Report sitting on their shelves.

The uncertain future of Fraser River sockeye.

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

Thing is...

Whatever the Snooklandians say today they can unsay tomorrow.

That and...

Sparkle Ponies!