Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This Week In Snookland....The Spiking Of The Dean.


In the credit-where-credit-is-due department, Mr. Palmer had a spot-on column late last week on the ridiculous waste of money that is the Snooklandians' (not) jobs plan.

Here's a smidge:

...(O)ne is tempted to conclude that the most substantive product of their jobs plan to date was the $15-million-plus worth of tax dollars that were spent promoting it in the year and a half prior to the last election.

Nor does one need to look too far into the details of the jobs plan to see why it remains mostly a work in progress. Much of the discussion was around encouraging private-sector development, mostly in the resource sector, in the medium to long term.

The much-touted liquefied natural gas industry supplies the most obvious example. Some employment has already been created in planning and site preparation.

But even if one accepts the government’s optimistic scenario (and I have my doubts about it), there’ll be no final decisions to proceed with even one of the projects before the fall of this year and no major LNG production before the next election year.

The public will run out of patience with the promises long before that, one has to think...


Thing is, by the time the Dean's bit hit the stands, as it were, nobody really cared.

For all kinds of reasons, that include the fact that, with nothing happening in the shuttered ledge, nobody else in the pro-pundit class is really paying attention because they know that anything the Dean says while school's out won't be on the exam anyway.

And then there was the matter of the Snooklandians sounding the dog whistle to alert their flying surrender monkeys that now and forever is the time to both muddy the waters and rile up the base on the Twittmachine.

And if all that wasn't enough, somebody on the inside of the fine outfit that Mr. Palmer works for made sure that the kicker of his column was dead on arrival under the following headline:

NDP navel-gazing means Liberals get a pass on fizzling B.C. Jobs Plan...


You know if the Snooklandians were actually playing real Straussian games, where winning actually meant something, I could live with that....But it seems to me that everything (and I mean everything) they do is, at its core, driven by short term political expediency...Heckfire!....I wouldn't be surprised if, in say 15 or 18 months, and especially if the market really does tank, they started blaming John Horgan for conjuring up all those stillborn LNG Sparkle Ponies rather than the elevator runner who actually magically brought them all to virtual life...
Subheader got you trying to scratch your limbic system with a claw hammer?...Well...This.



Anonymous said...

WikiLeaks has released a 24 page draft of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) - Environment Consolidated Text from November 2013.

Worth mentioning here because any LNG plant approval will have to go through some sort of enviro review process.

RossK said...

Thanks for the heads-up Anon.


Anonymous said...

Christy's economic and job action plans are identical to Harper's. They even prorogued Legislature and Parliament at the same time. Nor do I believe Harper and Christy *won* their elections. Gordon Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections too.

Did not China pay for 800 hectares at Prince Rupert? I thought that was where, China is building their LNG plant?

I have been tracking job positions, for quite some time. I smelled a big fat rat. The rats are, I believe the rats are, Harper and Christy Clark. When the jobs time out, they are re-posted over and over. That way they can say? We can't fill those positions, we must bring in, Harper's cheap foreign labor.

As more and more of Harper's foreigners are trained. More and more Canadians will be laid off, their resource jobs.

Now, the 3 Amigo's are having a meeting. Watch out for the NAU. Big business is pushing for the NAU.

NAU pushed by big business.
May 18/2011

PM Harper officially endorses NAU
Oct 3/2008

We have been hearing of this, for quite a few years now.

Ron S. said...

Of course Palmer can blast the LIbERalS now. He knows that it will disappear into space because the legislature is not in session and MSM won't pick it up. He's a joke disguised as a reporter.