Saturday, January 18, 2014

This Day In Snookland...One For The Cronies?


How come no quotes from the Progress Board?

Oh, ya.

Facts and all that.

Can't have that, right?

And, of course, even the cronified successor to the PBoard had to go when it, too, dipped its toe in the pool labelled 'reality' recently.



karen said...

A trucking company in Prince George just announced it is closing its doors. 80 local employees and 130 total employees now out of work.

Yup, I guess the economy is chugging along just fine.

bcwaterboy said...

Sadly Karen, as with any announcement like this, our political leadership responds in kind with "it's a business decision, nothing to see here" and watches yet more jobs disappear. Snooklandians and the like can create as many glossy slogans as they like, but the reality is they are not at all about job creation, the entire group is about increasing profit margins for the cronies (with as cheap a labour as can possibly be found).

Ron S. said...

Right now anyone running a popcorn stand will make more money than Alberta and BC combined and will, of course, show a profit.

So much for Crusty and whats her name in Alberta's bold pronouncement. It's like "dumber (Allison)" saying she's dumber than "dumb" (Clark).

Anonymous said...

There's always (make)work for the corporate sorts isn't there?


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

More closures in my local union as well. One of the last decent sized lumber re-manufacturers left in the province and a steel company that has operated in South Van for over a century. Our confidence overfloweth like an outdoor heavy metal festival's loo.

North Van's Grumps said...

The title alone should be enough political fodder to shred Christy Clark's promise to turn five consecutive years of deficit budgeting into dust.

Global 360

Say one promise, reverse, REVERSE, but I got you elected.....CC:

Anonymous said...

A fellow I know, was hired on in a mine. He was making plans to move closer to that mine. Hi-ways can be treacherous in winter. His wife had to drive to the city, to pick him up. Ten days later, a number of miners were laid off. What a mess he would have been in, had he moved his family.

This guy began tracking job postings. As job postings timed out, those same jobs were posted and re-posted over and over. That way I guess Christy Clark can say? We can't fill those jobs, we must bring over more foreigners to fill those positions.

Both Harper and Christy prorogued Parliament and Legislature, pretty much at the same time. Christy hasn't called Legislature, for a very, very long time. Christy Clark is, merely a mouthpiece for Harper. Both Christy and Harper's economic and job action plans, are identical. Christy's 76,000 jobs for BC, are where and for who? Harper continues to lie his face off too.

scotty on denman said...

So how bad is it, really?
Remember, Christy's never seen a bandwagon she didn't want to get up on...or a parade she didn't want to get in front of...or an ethnicity she didn't claim familial membership to...
And let's not forget she can tell the most preposterous whopper while grinning like a shit-eating hound...
So how come we ain't seen hyde nor hair of her since last May? Is she cowering under the porch with her tail between her legs? Maybe she don't like peals of laughter as she makes one of her patently false pronouncements...but still, she's never had any qualm about that before.
Maybe her handlers have advised her it's OK to tell whoppers but not to tell too many in a row---which probably means if she doesn't make an appearance until forced to do so at the Spring session of the Assembly (a budget must by law be passed---although I don't suppose she actually has to be there in person), then a lot of pent up fibbery will get rolled into one great big giant whopper. My biggest fear is, unfortunately, that any news about our government's administration is bad---real bad---so bad not even the Whopper Topper can stop it from outraging the citizens of BC.

e.a.f. said...

Things are getting worse in B.C. There are more closures of firms which provided decent jobs. We are fast becoming a province of min. wage service job holders.

B.C. has the highest credit card debt in Canada. Once the credit cards have maxed out, the inherited wealth has been used up, the province won't be able to hide the problems in the province.

The ever increasing debt load the province is under will come home to roost. then the game will truly be over.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting article about Christy at "work."

Anonymous said...

This province will be in a serious economic mess within 10 years. "Real" income producing jobs, not part time or minimum wage jobs, will have all but disappeared. The whole concept of foreign worker programs is not to complement existing positions that can't be filled, its to replace them.
We are being sold out by our politicians and business groups. The "disease" is rampant in the US, and is catching on in Canada. Right to work "programs" as fostered by Conservative,( read Republican )" business interests", are the next business revolution to destroy unionism, and the middle class.

Destroy the middle class and you return to the days of extreme wealth and control of the poor masses, by despots and dicators, under the guise of democracy.

RossK said...

Great thread everybody--

Sorry to be absent - have been riding the cigar tube again.

Will have more up soon.

Thanks for the great input.