Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Rulin's...1943 Edition.


From a then 30 year old Woody Guthrie.

I'm going to try my best.


No. 26 is going to be mighty tough.

(you can click the list to embiggen if needed - 'tis worth it just for the doodles)

Woody's list has fast become a meme-type deal from all kinds of quarters (including Macleans dot C, eh?) today....I reckon, though, that it first got some serious interwebzian play via the always fabulous 'Brain Pickings' a couple of years ago.
And if 1943 doesn't do it for you (and/or even if it does)...There is always 1926...Which was George Burns' favourite year...For good reason.



Eleanor Gregory said...

I'm satisfied with my dancing ability so long as I am by myself and listening to Randy's Vinyl Tap.

RossK said...



I'm guessing that means that your particular ability goes best with late Friday night rather than the early Sat. night edition?