Saturday, January 11, 2014

This Day In Snookland...When Christie Met Christy.


You may (or may not) have been following the story about how a staffer and an appointee of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie carried out a bizarre bit of political thuggery that simultaneously misused public resources and screwed over a public trying to be resourceful (i.e. get to work in the morning).

Essentially, they made stuff up about a traffic study, which they may or may not have funded, to use government funds and employees to close down a bunch of lanes on a busy cross-state bridge to wreak traffic havoc as a means of political payback.

Interestingly, many of the interactions between the staffer, Bridget Anne Kelly, and the appointee, David Wildstein, both of whom worked closely with Christie, were by E-mail.

Here's the final kicker (amongst many), that has been made publicly available by the Wall Street Journal:



The morally bankrupt banality of the actions of the two boweevils is one thing.

But there is something else interesting there, no?

I mean...

Have a look at the Email addresses used by the boweevils who worked for the government and the governor whose name is Chris, not Christy.

Notice anything?

Quick wins!



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year RossK.

As I recall the Ethnogaters also used gmail. Given that gmail mines personal email to target advertising, there must be some very interesting correspondence floating out there in the ether.

Question is, can governments obtain a court order to have it released?


Grant G said...

e.a.f. said...

court orders? One good hacker should take care of it all and we will all know.,

paul said...

bcwaterboy said...

Unfortunately for us, quick wins actually turned into a quick win for ms clark, perhaps we can name this type of unethical conduct the christ(ie)(y) approach. Have it all happen under your nose but not a have a clue what's going on and voila, an election is won.

RossK said...

Thanks All and thanks Paul--

Looks like it 'twas the loyal opposition that unearthed them.

Interesting that, no?

But in reading all the initial denials of existence, sure sounds like the same playbook.