Saturday, January 25, 2014

Travelling Alone.


That feeling...

With the work all done and the time heading towards two in the morning, eastern...

That feeling of being inspired by great things conjured up by others washed over me as I watched 'The English Patient', disembodied, in the cigar tube the other night while winging west.


When it was done why would I, with more than hour to go to get back home, just put some time-filler on the shiny little square in the seat-back in front of me?

So I turned the thing off, put Hansard and his friends in my head, and opened the early Ondaatje that Bigger E. gave me for Christmas instead.


Maybe the time has come for me to try and really learn something about jazz.

Then again, maybe not.

Speaking of the greatest of conjuring... The above song is from Jason Isbell's latest...Listen first....Then....Buy it!
As for the jazz side of the thing... Maybe littler e. will be able to teach it to me...After all, she has decided to learn to play....The trumpet!



Danneau said...

My parents played a lot of jazz (and classical) when I was a sprout and I really enjoy a dose of it pretty regularly. Bill Evans came up on the USB drive in the car the other day: glorious! Erica and I went to see Valdy at a small local venue early in December, and I remember being struck by some of the chord voicings that have worked their way into his playing, little hints of major 6/9s and the like, subtly, artfully. I watched BB King do something similar at Winterland back in 1968, doing a chorus of a solo where there was a lot of Kenny Burrell and a little Django. Jazz, as a musical genre, is huge, sort of lie Diana Krall to Eric Dolphy. I guess it's pretty much the same for the umbrellas of folk, blues, classical and who knows what else. There are some wonderful sides around by Aurora Nealand fronting a relatively young ensemble doing traditional New Orleans material. Would make a great accompaniment for a work like "Coming Through Slaughter". Hope the venture East was intriguing and productive.

RossK said...


Thanks for the tip.

That kind of thing would be fantastic for a pod!

Trip East was cold, but it was productive.