Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Finally, The Dean Throws A Left Jab.


Well, a jab followed by an upper-cut actually.

First, the jab from the good Mr. Palmer of the VSun:

...The police repeatedly asked the government investigating team for that reputed evidence of conflict of interest, inappropriate contracting procedures, improper handling of confidential data and other alleged criminal wrongdoing (relating to the fired health care workers). They never got it.

“Do you know why information the RCMP was requesting wasn’t handed over?” (current BC Liberal government Health minister Terry) Lake was asked.

“I’m not aware of the RCMP coming to the ministry of health and saying please give us this information and the ministry not co-operating,” he replied. “That is not my understanding whatsoever.”

Again, note the choice of words. He’s not aware. It is not his understanding. One is left to conclude the minister only knows what he’s been told, after not asking too many followup questions...

Then comes the upper-cut:

...If (Minister) Lake wanted to know more, he could interview Wendy Taylor, the senior public servant who headed the internal investigation for the government. Three of his own assistant deputy ministers — Barbara Walman, Manjit Sidhu and Lindsay Kislock — handled aspects of the matter as well...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Indeed, if placed under oath, Taylor and the others could make a plausible starter set of witnesses for a public inquiry into this affair...


Namin' names and kinda/sorta/almost (but not quite) calling for a public inquiry with people being placed under an oath and everything.


If he keeps this up, the next thing you know Mr. Palmer will publishing a potential witness 'Top 40' list.

Just like the cultists used to do.

And why am I using a sporting analogy for a columnist's coverage of the BC Liberal government's unwarranted willful destruction of healthworkers' lives and reputations?...Because last weekend that particular columnist told us this was all a 'game'....Hopefully he no longer sees it that way...Heckfire, perhaps he and his might want to consider setting up a 'war room' with all kinds of in-depth info on the various and sundry concerned tacked up on the walls...Naw...They would never do a thing like that for something that actually matters...Right?



Anonymous said...

not a game when suicide is involved

Dana said...

Accidental, I'm sure. He'll publish the retraction tomorrow and apologize for showing late stage career signs of journalistic integrity and then go about the urgent business of getting his head back up Clarke's butt.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to be thrown under the bus, he is just helping out.

Danneau said...

Utterly of topic, but, hey, a little comic relief can't hurt, and when I saw this, it just seemed to have your name all over it.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming...

Lew said...

Vaughn Palmer is a master at telling us nothing new while pretending he’s somehow getting us a scoop. The names he mentions were revealed long ago, by the NDP and Graham Whitmarsh, and reported in TheTyee and the CBC, complete with copies of the supporting documents. To be in a fight, there has to be a realistic chance of return fire. What possible return fire could Palmer encounter by revealing something already publicly disclosed?

Last week ‘NW kept bringing Palmer on to join the chorus fawning over the “great work” done by Palmer protégé Rob Shaw on the file. First, Shaw did nothing more than put in an access to federal information request and report the results, which only confirmed what we already knew from access requests that revealed the provincial end of the e-mail exchanges. In any case, he did nothing more than what would be expected of a working journalist each and every day. But because he did his job (and nothing more) it made him stand out from the rest for over-the-top praise. He and his peers should stop and think about that.

By the way, Rob Shaw wrote a piece in the Vancouver Sun on May 23 pumping Michael de Jong’s tires which should forever disqualify him from ever being taken seriously as a journalist. Then a week later he comes out with the access info. Was he giving de Jong a raincoat because he knew a storm was in the offing?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Palmer will be saying anything but, come Election time.
2 weeks is a lifetime in Politics and no one knows it better than Mr. Palmer.
A leopard never changes his spots.

Anonymous said...

Why is VP always closing with More On that topic later

Can't he have a full explanation page, or two, instead of dragging it out as if it's a 1952 Stanley Theatre Saturday serial of Sir Lancelot crossing a quicksand river and there's no obvious way to stay a live... until next Saturday when all is revealed, almost

Liam said...

I love reading the comments on your blog. Most are very intelligent and sometimes funny.

Liam said...

Oops! I love reading your blog too.

RossK said...


I agree with you.

The comments are the best part.

Compare them, for example, to those you find on proMedia sites.

Thanks Everyone!


scotty on denman said...

A 'game'? I might have to give Palmer the benefit of the doubt here because I myself have also characterized BC Liberal perfidy as a game, sort-of-kind-of, as in "gaming the system" which, in the context I use it, means using the system in ways unintended, improperly, inappropriately, and for purposes and motives ulterior to what the system is supposed to do. SLAP suits and unrecorded official public business are two examples that pop to mind out of a host of loopholes, lies white-to-almost- black, and other stuff neo-right fink tanks work hard to identify and deploy. Like stock-players on the Saudi pretend "bourse", BC Liberals apparently consider each of these perversions of legal administration to be real precedences granting them---in their own dishonourable system---licence for even more perversions. Or, as I've often referred to it, "gaming the system". (I shudder to think what licence Coleman might twist out of the title of one of his portfolios: "gaming".)

Is it possible this is what Palmer meant when he described this tragic perfidy---perhaps a tad too glibly---as a "game"? I've no doubt whatever that BC liberals think of politics as a game they want to win---by whatever means necessary.

Dana said...

Scotty, I think Palmer and pretty much all pro media political journo types mean 'game' in the much the same sense as they refer to polls as being indicative of 'the horse race'.

In other words, pro media political journo types are shallow thinkers, incapable of imagining that what they witness and report on has direct and implacable effect on the lives of real people.

With the exception of the people who fund their lives and sign their paycheques. Those people tell them all about what effect government policies have on them.

So, like the good serfs they are, that's what they rant about.

The rest of us are just subscribers so screw us.

Eleanor Gregory said...

Stephen Quinn interviewed Vaughn Palmer today on "On the Coast".

RossK said...

Thanks EG--

Am on the road...Will listen on the pod.


Anonymous said...