Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The Confidence Of Cookie Dough Mike.


The latest limited Clarklandian hangout on the 'inquiry' from NW's Charmaine de Silva:

...On Tuesday, (current Finance Minister Michael) de Jong told reporters he takes responsibility for the way the investigation was handled (when he was Health Minister in 2012), but he doesn’t support the many calls that have been made for public inquiry.

“What is the question that is to be answered by an inquiry, that generally will require spending millions upon millions of dollars?”

De Jong says he’s confident proper procedures are now in place to make sure employees are treated fairly in all circumstances...

Sure thing Mr. de Jong.

But what if, as it would appear, actually following 'procedures' and 'procedurals' had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this?

Cookie Dough?...For real?....You bet.



Anonymous said...

Special cookie dough?


Anonymous said...

Get your price updates here?


Anonymous said...

Let me put a couple of things together here. A summer sitting was announced specifically to address LNG, why the hurry? Could it be that this government is trying to quickly appease the LNG investors before the possibility of being found responsible and guilty of the firings. That way when they are ousted from their current jobs at least they may get a job with the LNG corporations

Anonymous said...

B.C. rail all over again. One of Michael de Jong's excuses for his decision to pay out Basi and Virk, as explained on the Bill Good show, was to limit the amount of money to pursue with the trial. Keith Baldry is now taking up the baton and spinning the same argument in the health firings. De Jong is willing to spend millions in order to dance on stage to win ethnic votes but not to pursue justice, accountability,and truth. And the arrogance, shamelessness, and entitlement continues, with no end in sight. We should all weep!

Unknown said...

Interesting that the Cookie Monster and Imelda (in my heart I am a Filipina) Clark are now driven by the need to conserve money as a means to thwart a public inquiry. Apparently this was not a consideration at the time of the firings, as eight researchers were fired WITHOUT pay as a result of a non-investigation that was easily challenged by their lawyers, providing considerable, but undisclosed, financial payouts to both lawyers and litigants.

Steve Cooley said...

If de Jong and company opened their files and brains all by them selves, no million dollar inquiry will be needed.