Monday, June 22, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...'Find Me A New Shiny!'


The local Lotuslandian proMedia herd, including (gasp!) NW's Mr. Leslie really has turned, as was pointed out by reader Lew in the comments on the weekend:

Health Minister Terry Lake appeared on 'NW with Sean Leslie (Friday)... afternoon to not answer questions and stated that he doesn’t know how much the government has paid in settlements to some of the fired researchers because that’s something that’s done by his deputy working with legal counsel and other civil servants. Now, a minister who doesn’t know that information on such a sensitive and explosive file, or a minister who does know that information and publicly says he doesn’t, isn’t fit to hold office. He’s fit to be a BC Liberal, but not to occupy an office that belongs to the citizens of BC.

He allowed that he’s looked at the case from “every which way I can” and essentially said there’s nothing there that he wouldn’t want people to know except what actually happened. He goes on to say he won’t put the reputations of those who made the decisions at risk or cause them “undue stress” because that’s what was done to the fired researchers, and that would be two wrongs trying to make a right. So the current minister says there was definitely wrongdoing under the minister at the time and he knows who it is, but would rather have the public pick a name and guess who it was, thereby putting the reputation of everyone even remotely involved at risk whether they’re guilty or not. And the deputy minister that signed the dismissal letters says he knows there is blame to be laid, just not on him. He won’t name names either.

The scary thing is that you can pretty much pick any ministry of the current government and you’ll find a scandal and a double talking minister that claims no knowledge of what those sneaky civil servants are up to. It’s time those sneaky devils started speaking up to defend themselves.


Given all that, (and the just published poll thingy with the sliding approval numbers for M. Figurehead) you can be sure that the wizards are doing their best to find something new and shiny to distract the herd.

And it will have to be something big.

After all that business with the hands-free driving punishment-improvement project/website from Ms. Always Campaigning went absolutely nowhere.

The real question is - Will the new shiny bauble be both big AND negative?

Or will it be something to do with rescuing lost canines from the meat grinder in far away lands?

Or will it be both?

As for actually governing?


You know.

Had a good laugh when Ms. Anton breathlessly told the MoCo's Kirk Williams last week that her hands-free penalization project was so popular with the public that the website, after a massive wizard-assisted PR push, had attracted 990 visitors in a single day...Why was I laughing?...Because that actually rivals the numbers for this little F-Troop list blog...Gosh...The magic!



Anonymous said...

Hi Ross

This government scares the hell out of me. The only concerns they really have is to remain in power, and to do whatever it takes to stay there.

The big problem they have (and they have to know it) is that the TRILLION DOLLAR "Heritage Fund" that LNG was supposed to fuel is turning into more of a pipe dream with every passing day...and that's the big problem because that's what got them re-elected. People will not forget.

What to do? The only resource we have left is our water. I'm very concerned that Christie will try to sell us a new BILLION TRILLION "Heritage Fund" based on moving our water south (lots of takers right now), and once that gets started it's not going to stop. And if TTPA gets ratified we're in real trouble...that $6.00 per year (or whatever it is) that we charge Nestle in Hope is going to come back to haunt us...every other bottling corp. is going to demand the same price structure!

By the way, have you noticed that the old Truman "buck stops here" seems to have become inoperative this century? It was used to excuse the "20 times average company wage" paydays for top execs in the 80's and 90's...seems to have disappeared around the time 20 became >200! Now the biggies don't even pretend to acknowledge it...

We live in interesting times; I yearn for a little more boredom

Thanks for an interesting and well-managed website


Anonymous said...

" a minister who does know that information and publicly says he doesn’t, isn’t fit to hold office. He’s fit to be a BC Liberal "

Now that is the best statement I've heard in a very long time.

Guy in Victoria

RossK said...

Thanks Mike--

For the record it's $596 for a product with $300,000,000 retail value (i.e. 0.002%).

Why so low?

Well, according to Mary Polak it is to make sure we, the people whose resource is being extracted, are not viewed by the big Multinats as 'profiteers'.

Or some such thing.



I dunno about that for sure.

Lew has had a heckuva lot of bestest of best statements over the last couple of years.


Anonymous said...

i think BC should merge with AB.more democratic now

Grant G said...

Hey Ross K....You were wondering about the next big shiny bauble/slash distraction...

Can you say ..Here comes the $100 million dollar(?) LNG prosperity fund, just in time for 2017..


RossK said...


Merge with the Albertalands?

An interesting idea.

Especially because that way we might actually receive something for all the resource extracting going on 'round here.

And I'm not just talking about water.


Thanks Grant - saw that. Was interestingly how it dribbled out from Captain Cookie Dough.

That sure is some 10,000 fold change in expectations, eh?