Thursday, June 04, 2015

This Day In Clarkland: Which Is Worse...

...Misleading The Public Or Misleading The Police?

From today's FOI-assisted report on the continuing saga of the wrongful firing of provincial healthcare workers by Rob Shaw in the VSun:

...The records, obtained by The Vancouver Sun through the federal Access to Information Act, show that the B.C. government repeatedly pointed to an RCMP investigation over several years, while at the same time doing virtually nothing to inform police about the case and failing to provide any evidence of a crime.

“Despite inferences in the media that the RCMP has undertaken an investigation or received information from the Province, this has not been the case,” wrote Const. Dean Miller from the RCMP’s Federal Serious and Organized Crime section, in a late 2014 report. “No tangible evidence or reports related to the allegations have been handed over. As such, no investigation has been initiated.”...

NDP critic Adrian Dix said the documents “show a government that not just misled the public but misled the police. And it’s a very serious thing.”...

This firing of health workers stuff and then pretending that it was done because criminal acts may have occurred when no such evidence has been provided to anyone, including the police, is really, really bad.

And it all happened on Ms. Clark's watch.

Thus, none of it can be fobbed off on the bad old '90's (that were actually pretty darned good by many comparisons) or even the regime of the Knotty Gordian.

None of it.

And, just in case any Lotuslandian proMedia club members are getting ready to pull their punches on this one, yet again, they may wish to remember that this anti-democratic codswallopanarianism destroyed lives.


And, just to be very clear here...The records concerned (which can be found here) were obtained by the VSun through a federal (i.e. not a provincial) FOI request...



Anonymous said...

any why didnt RCMP notify public right away of BC NOT giving anything to them to check.

Grant G said...

What I believe to be the genesis of this shocking scandal...

"Take a look at how the Clark Liberals really operate.

There’s a drug on the BC formulary, paid by BC Pharmacare, to assist in smoking cessation, called Champix.

Getting BC to stop smoking is one of Christy Clark’s stated desires. It was brought up yet again during the recent general election campaign.

Researchers associated with the University of British Columbia, operating as the Therapeutics Initiative, studied a number of drugs to see if they delivered value for money. Champix was one of them.

(Reminder, Christy: true free enterprise comes in many forms, including not-for-profit research. It also thrives on the light of day.)

This drug, incidentally, has been studied by Health Canada, and warnings issued, about the increased propensity for people using it to commit suicide.

Yesterday, in the BC Legislature, a leaked email from the Ministry of Health indicating that studies into Champix would be “kept in house” was tabled during Question Period. Clark’s health minister, Terry Lake, bobbed and weaved, trying to convince all and sundry he knew nothing.
But, in the interim, BC continues to dispense Champix — and because it’s the approved drug, any alternatives are not covered.

Good for Pfizer Corporation. Not so good for British Columbians put at risk.
But BC has a deep relationship with Pfizer. It buys many drugs from them. Trying to get other Pfizer drugs at a better price means scratching Pfizer’s back over drugs while it’s in the middle of class action lawsuits.

Got to keep those sales numbers up, eh?"


Like you Say Ross...A person is dead, a family shattered..

Christy Clark, if Clark doesn`t push forward with a public inquiry, she must resign.

Christy Clark will never permit a public inquiry..

Resign Christy Clark

Grant G said...

Merv Adey speaks out..

Ross K...I believe you Should add Merv Adey to the Blog Crawl

Anonymous said...

Lew said...

Invite your dog for a walk, you get a tail wag. Pet your cat, you get a purr. Tickle your child, you get a giggle. Ask a BC Liberal a question, you get a lie.

When Margaret MacDiarmid announced the health ministry firings and police investigation in September of 2012, she had been minister for all of a week. That doesn’t excuse her role in the continuing charade, but the minister of health and the deputy involved in the lead up to the announcement were Michael de Jong and Graham Whitmarsh respectively. Whitmarsh apparently signed the dismissal letters. These were the central figures in the Basi/Virk payoff as well, with finance deputy Whitmarsh signing the releases upon recommendation by Attorney General de Jong.

Want the truth in either of these travesties? Be careful who you ask.

Grant G said...

John Horgan on cknw with Jon McComb....The Straight Goods on the health researcher firings.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

what do you do if both polic and polit are not protecting public
to serve and protect who then. reputation?

e.a.f. said...

its hard to say what is worse, but I still vote for their record on child poverty and the lack of services for children in care.

The issue you site, is bad, but its simply the cost of having voted for the B.C. Lieberals. The MSM simply toadies up to them.

Of course when you speak of police one does have to question what goes on in SURREY with their RCMP and politicians. At the rate they shoot out there and nothing changes, one has to wonder who is this all working for, besides the people doing the shooting.

They have seized Hell's Angels club houses, but you know when it comes to bad behaviour, I vote the B.C. lieberals are worse.