Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Afternoon In Clarkland...When In Doubt, Obfuscate.


Here is your Premier and mine with the latest limited hangout on the public inquiry into her government's wrongful firing of Health Care scientists/workers...

All of which makes sense, I guess.

Especially when you consider the fact that this is a person who was once proud to tell the world that she saw Russia....errrr...Maggie Thatcher from her dorm room.

In Scotland.



Anonymous said...

Give an inch take a trillion?

sd said...

Do the fine folks in West Kelowna not get any type of news?Do they think Yoga is coming to a bridge there so they won't do squat to recall her? Wishful thinking by me I guess.

Anonymous said...

Spin,word salad,Spinglish?

Lew said...

Michael de Jong, Minister of Health presiding over the investigation and firings announced by his successor one day after he left office says this about his accountability for the debacle. “Ministers assume a political accountability for what transpires under their watch.”

The Ministry of Health Act says in part:

Minister's duties
4 (1) The duties, powers and functions of the minister extend to and include all matters relating to health that
(a) are assigned to the minister under any Act or by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and
(b) are not, by law or by order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, assigned to another minister, ministry, branch or agency of the government.
(2) The minister may in writing delegate any or all of the minister's duties, powers and functions granted or imposed by any Act.

Ministry continued
1 (1) There is to be a ministry of the public service of British Columbia called the Ministry of Health.
(2) The minister is to preside over and be responsible to the Lieutenant Governor in Council for the direction of the ministry.
(3) The minister may establish branches or divisions of the ministry the minister considers advisable.

When Mr. de Jong accepted the appointment and swore the oath of that office, he took on more than political accountability. The fact that neither he nor his leader recognized the fact explains why his ministry was out of control.

The fact that he and his leader are now the two most powerful executives in the current government explains why the government is out of control and considers itself politically accountable only. Legalities and ethical niceties be damned.

Don F. said...

Perhaps more than wasting time concentrating on what this absurd woman has to say we should be spending our time and efforts on making sure she is gone. I for one refuse to give her the satisfaction that I even listen, she will take that to think I care. We ourselves have to come to grips with this situation and deal with her.