Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lotuslandian ProPrint Media Update...Is It Time To Cue Mr. Morrison?

...Because a letter from Postmedia's man-about-town Gord Fisher  to all Pacific Newspaper Group (i.e. VSun and Province) staff certainly suggests that this just might be 'The End'.

Here's an excerpt via the other daily that kinda/sorta has a presence 'round here:

...The reality is, regardless of the exact mix of digital, print and subscription revenue we need to survive, there is only one path for us to follow in the immediate term. And that is, as I have reinforced in all of my communications, we must continue to become a more efficient operation.

Today we are announcing another implementation of a Voluntary Staff Reduction Program (VSRP) at PNG. All employees, including management staff, will be eligible for the program. Nigel Miller, our Vice President of Human Resources, will provide further specific details about the program in the coming days...


One can only wonder if revenues and readership are way, way down at, say, the Sandy Garossino-helmed Observer?


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Dana said...

Stupid shits.

If they've really been trying to improve their bottom line over the past 2 years and haven't bothered to improve the quality, reliability and accuracy of their reportage or the level of intelligence, responsiveness and insightfulness of their op-ed people then PNG deserves to wither up and die.

With some luck a newspaper will be left behind after the dust of the carcass blows away.