Thursday, June 18, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Sometimes The Entire Herd Does Turn.


And sometimes the entire herd actually turns fully.

To wit, the latest editorial from the VSun that starts like this:

Enough of the obfuscating, weaseling, dissimulation, doubletalk, verbal subterfuge, stonewalling and other distasteful conduct that hangs like a miasma over the shameful events surrounding the precipitous sacking of nine ministry of health employees in 2012...


The language.



Two things....

First, no Keef Report tweets about how 'hysterical' those calling for an inquiry are (at least not yet).

Second, none of this precludes the Fazilless VSun from endorsing Clarkland all over again 23 months from now.

And as for all the self-congratulatory back-slapping going on in the Club these (very recent) days?...Well...Maybe the time has come to give Andrew MacLeod a free membership and full voting rights...



North Van's Grumps said...

And the Vancouver Stanley Cup Rioters caused $4 million damage (no lives lost) to downtown private property; Premier Christy Clark arrives in a dress suit, glossy lipstick, GCPE / Press Corp, high heels, a broom to sweep (expense claimed to taxpayers, not her home), and then authorizes spending $13 Million in police investigations, Court Appearances, Government Lawyers, siphoning money from Legal Aid to help balance her Budgets ..... and .... has already spent more than $4 million to settle out of Court the Fired Health Researchers; one death paid in full with lower bit lip apology; two court cases pending ...... and ... still she spins the spin with more money being spent to hide those who did the firings. In the end, $20 million wasted.


Anonymous said...

10-15 million on bollywood awards just before BC election ,seen claimed by 400 million people.

e.a.f. said...

the citizens of this province voted princess of entitlement into office, when they knew what she was like from her prior preformances and that of the rest of the B.C. Lieberal party.

The MSM will forget this the minute the NDP rises in the polls and everyone will start talking about Glen Clark's deck, in which he was absolved of any wrong doing.

this is a government of the entitled, by the entitled, for the entitled. Remember we the taxpayers are not part of that bunch of entitled. We pay for their entitlements and that is not going to change unless we get out and vote in the next election or go the re-call route now.

Albertans did finally come to a decision regarding the "shit' which went on in their province. It maybe that voters in B.C. just aren't as smart as Albertans.

The B.C. Lieberals have lurched from one scandal to the next and from one billion dollar deficit to the next billion dollar deficit and they have done it about a 100 times.

The villiage "idiot Photo-op princess" suggested people move to Kitamat if they can't afford living in Vancouver. The scenery is great there. Can't they do something to shut that premier up. hasn't she noticed its freezing up there in the winter, medical care isn't up to Vancouver major hospital standards, flights are a little hard to come by, if you have to go somewhere; no major university. Let the villiage idiot go live there for a year, on one of not so entitled person's salaries.

Deacon Jester said...

"It maybe that voters in B.C. just aren't as smart as Albertans."

Pretty low bar there but I'd say the voters of BC can get under it.

Probably the most able premier with the most integrity the joint has had in the past 50 years was hounded out of office over something he didn't even have anything to do with and the bleating mob stood by dumbly with their mouths agape while the rain poured down their throats like soot stained honey.

The two most successful premiers the joint has had were named Bennett, pater and filius. Since then, with the tragic exception of the above, the province has had *and* deserved* nuttin' but crooks and liars.

So yeah, we can get under that bar.

Anonymous said...

many helicopters seen parked at heliport.
BCLiberls and NDP on 4 month summer break?

Grant G said...

Andrew Macleod.

And as written at The Straight Goods last month..

Christy Clark and The BC Liberal Party, Health Firings Were About Donations To The BC Liberal Party and Christy Clark`s Powertrip

And more, as written in The Straight Goods weeks ago..

BC Liberal cabinet moved Champix research to "in-House"..They shut out Therapeutic`s initiative...Question period, July9th/2013..(when no one was paying attention)..

Christy Clark and Her Cabinet Moved Champix Research To "In-House" The Smoking Gun

Also...This information was told in one of your comment threads by The Straight Goods roughly 7 months ago..

Seems that comment was ignored...

Grant G said...

I found that comment and thread..

From your December 2014 post..


" Grant G said...

What Global BC news did...They posted the quote in a way that suggests these health workers are guilty of something rather than the opposite..

Which is the employer is guilty of heavy-handed vindictiveness..

We know why they were fired, why is it not said..

Christy Clark was portraying herself as the champion to get smokers to quit smoking..

Champix, a smoking cessation drug was being promoted as a tool to help smokers quit..

These health researchers were wanting to warn Government of the bad side0effects of this smoking cessation drug..

The order to fire these researchers came from Christy Clark..

No investigation, no questions, no answers, just a lightning bolt quick firing..

It was a message from Christy Clark to all employees..

Mess with me and my Government and feel the wrath..

Shoot one monkey to scare a thousand..

There is no bringing back the researcher that committed suicide..

Christy Clark and her Government will have to live with that haunting image, their actions killed a man..

Christy Clark didn`t and won`t lose one minute of sleep over it.


4:51 p.m., December 20, 2014 Delete


Good Day

Bill said...

I wish I could absolve myself of any semblance of integrity , honesty and accountability. Then I could be a B.C. Liberal ,have sold my soul to the devil or a combination of the both. How can you look at yourself in the mirror with blood one your hands?

ron wilton said...

To the Deacon: FYI, filius may have been 'successful' but he didn't come by it completely honestly.

Lew said...

Health Minister Terry Lake appeared on 'NW with Sean Leslie this afternoon to not answer questions and stated that he doesn’t know how much the government has paid in settlements to some of the fired researchers because that’s something that’s done by his deputy working with legal counsel and other civil servants. Now, a minister who doesn’t know that information on such a sensitive and explosive file, or a minister who does know that information and publicly says he doesn’t, isn’t fit to hold office. He’s fit to be a BC Liberal, but not to occupy an office that belongs to the citizens of BC.

He allowed that he’s looked at the case from “every which way I can” and essentially said there’s nothing there that he wouldn’t want people to know except what actually happened. He goes on to say he won’t put the reputations of those who made the decisions at risk or cause them “undue stress” because that’s what was done to the fired researchers, and that would be two wrongs trying to make a right. So the current minister says there was definitely wrongdoing under the minister at the time and he knows who it is, but would rather have the public pick a name and guess who it was, thereby putting the reputation of everyone even remotely involved at risk whether they’re guilty or not. And the deputy minister that signed the dismissal letters says he knows there is blame to be laid, just not on him. He won’t name names either.

The scary thing is that you can pretty much pick any ministry of the current government and you’ll find a scandal and a double talking minister that claims no knowledge of what those sneaky civil servants are up to. It’s time those sneaky devils started speaking up to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...