Wednesday, June 24, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...The Resurrection Of The Sparkle Ponies.


I remember it like it was only yesterday...


That's right, straight from the noted policy-wonk/elevator-chaser's mouth.

Sparkle Ponies for everyone!


But, of course, that was before the last election.

And then everything fell apart to the point where even the puffed-up punditry started to downgrade the  Sparkle Ponies in advance of their inevitable demise.

And as for the irresponsibility of the cheerleading that led to the public bamboozlement via Sparkle Pony in the first place?

How could the pro-punditry possibly have 'predicted' what was going to happen?

Or some such thing.

But now?

Well, who cares about all that history, because....

They're back!

And I believe Shane Woodford of 'NW had the story first on Monday:

A fund promising to cure all our financial woes promised by Premier Christy Clark in her election campaign two years ago will finally see the light of day just before the next provincial election.

In a mandate letter to the minister of finance, Christy Clark instructs Mike de Jong to table her promised Prosperity Fund in the legislature in the Spring of 2017.

That is also when the next provincial election will be held...

And, just in case you missed the follow-up misdirection...

To get the immaculate deception ball really rolling there is going to be a one day legislative bacchanal in mid-summer so that the Clarklandians can tell us that we will soon be rolling in so many duodecillions of dough that we won't know what to do with it all.


Maybe then there will even be private school for every kid forever!

And a $10 million dollar house for every family!

And more.

So much more!

At the beginning of the week I wondered what 'Big Shiny' bauble would be rolled out in an effort to turn the proMedia herd away from the public inquiry business...As Grant G. pointed out pretty much immediately, this is most definitely it...Will it work?...Stay tuned.
In case you would like a little bit of non-puffed-up local punditry Bloomberg has a pretty good wrap-up of the 'challenges' still facing the Petronas project...And will we get to see the details of the deal before the bacchanal, which will likely really be designed to lock us into the the thing for the 10 million sparkle pony lifetimes?...Well, Cookie Dough Mike promises that we will...But what Mr. de Jong says and what he actually does are sometimes two very different things.



Grant G said...

Indeed....This article appeared in the Globe n Mail yesterday..


Petronas agrees to conduct more studies on B.C. terminal’s impact


Petronas has political ties to the BC Liberal government..They are each polishing each other`s apples..

Spencer Sproule is Petronas`s lead media contact person...Spencer Sproule is a BC Liberal henchman..He worked for Christy Clark and the BC Liberals a mere three years ago...How he went from being employed by the BC Liberals to suddenly working for Petronas is not a mystery..In fact I believe the BC Liberals are jointly paying his wages..

Back to the Globe n mail article...Petronas is starting the slow climbdown on their project..However, the ties between Spencer Sproule/BC Liberals and Petronas is unique...This climbdown will not be an outright cancellation, it will be a lingering death allowing the BC Liberals to keep afloat this LNG fantasy...

Petronas...As it is, they couldn`t build an LNG plant and start shipping gas before 2021, let alone 2019...Thus they would be in default with their promised deliverables..

Meaning those contracts for Petronas LNG are now nulkl and void...

The Globe article talks about Petronas re-studying the effects on eelgrass and salmon habitat..Code for a company ordered project delay..This will end the federal environmental assessment, ..The federal assessment must be completed within 365 days or it`s null and void..

The BC Liberals will continue to ride the unicorns ubtil bucked off..

The quick rush to sit in the legislature is pure smoke designed to fool the public..

Ross K...

The Straight Goods has been all over this topic...

The thing people need to remember...Petronas and the BC Liberals are operating as one, each trying to prop each other up through spin..

Lastly...Petronas is in financial trouble, wages slashed, Malaysian government revenues slashed, capital spending slashed..Dubious projects are being slashed..

Cheers...Stat tuned

motorcycleguy said...

Yeah, that Sproule name keeps coming up......Jared Sproule is the "spokesperson" for BluEarth Renewables out of Calgary that purchased the Narrows Inlet IPP project on the Sunshine Coast. Somehow they have been able to get further in the approval process on this goofy project such that it is slated to go ahead this fall despite hundreds of valid arguments against. That BC Liberal connection is very everyone except us peons that are footing the bill....both the environmental bill and the financial bill.

Lew said...

“Christy, Mike here. I need to touch base with you on this Prosperity Fund thing in my mandate letter.”
“Well, I’m thinking it might not be such a good idea until we have something to, …you know, …put in it.”
“Don’t worry about that. We’ll have a couple more announcements about Petrocan by then and we can promise to fill it with billions soon. The rubes’ll buy it, trust me.”
“It’s Petronas.”
“Whatever. Look, you’re on board ‘cause you’re good at gettin the job done without leavin any of our DNA around. Just stick to that and we’ll handle the promisin and PR stuff. How’d you like the piece on you we set up in the Sun? Better’n the one on me in the Globe, eh?”
“Yeah. Glad he didn’t mention finding me in the sheep barn with…”
“Drop it. He didn’t get pictures, so it’s fixed.”
“Too bad Gwyn has pics of your…”
“I said drop it.”
“Okay, okay. Back to this Prosperity thing, …can I at least put a couple hundred million or so in to start the thing off with?”
“Come on, Mike. We don’t have to. They buy promises and denials; you know that. Besides, we stick anything in there we’ll have to listen to Stephanie whining about those damn kids again. Sometimes I…”
“Gotta go. Keith’s here to pick up that envelope…”

Anonymous said...

Snake oil won't cure LNG bc advertising/ prop vs reality

Anonymous said...